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20 years ago, russian programmers managed to squeeze the Cyrillic alphabet into PCX files ... the text turned out to be not very beautiful, but you can read it…

IMHO, you can only change PCX files from NOLF2.REZ \ INTERFACE \ FONTS
In the future, you will add your Polish CRES.dll to the converted PCX files and format it as a REZ file. Other files cannot be modified (IMHO), as there will be no compatibility with different versions of NOLF.
By the way, maybe you have CRES.dll Polish localization of the game "Contract J.A.C.K."?
I now have these GUIs for Contract J.A.C.K. : English, German, French, Russian. It is interesting to make the Multilingual Patch for Contract J.A.C.K as well!

I have it. This file contains CRES.dll, Polish fonts and Polish launcher (ContractJack.exe). I confirmed it works fine with nolfrevival game version.!5MtRyArR!MSoXH4G7ysLKy1P4GrDvs3Lr_immIyH7ooP4IwtrRbw

This is official Polish translation from Cenega publisher. They probably won't care about translation copyright if you include it in your multilingual patch because they stopped selling the game many years ago but I thought I warn you just in case.

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I think Polish players will like it!  :)
By the way, I found something ... and modified it a bit
Polish GUI NOLF.
Original here:
Two versions of GUI with the font from the English version (NOLF font) and the Windows font.  Windows-GUI has all the Polish letters, Nolf-GUI has only the Latin letters of the Polish alphabet.
Several bugs were fixed, missing lines were added, lines were added for compatibility with the Modernizer version 1.005.  List of changed lines in the archive.

Actually this is my test translation before correction. I'd put it there to see if everyone will have Polish letters. :) DirkPitt1 is my alias on GrajPoPolsku site.

Now I added new version after correcting some typos and fixing up 2 lines with mixed up ID numbers and wait to see how much more typos testers find, so don't add it to your installer yet.

And thanks for additional lines from Modernizer. I meant to add them in next version.

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Wow! Good job! I am glad that Polish players will receive such a gift from you.

Of course, I will wait until you make the final version of the translation.
By the way, on Polish Windows there is no problem saving the game keyboard and mouse settings for NOLF?  On Russian Windows, the code page [1251], there is such a problem.
This problem is solved by adding the dinput.dll file (English version) from the old directX7 package to the NOLF game folder.
I see that in the Polish version of the game "Contract J.A.C.K." (as well as in the German version) milk instead of blood flows from frags .. funny ... I fixed it.   Now the Polish version is similar to the English one. :)

I have no problems with changing and saving keyboard and mouse config in NOLF1 and didn't see other people complaining about it but it's good to know there's fix for this issue.

Funny, I seem to remember that blood looked normal in the Contract JACK but I played it very long ago. I see the problem in CRES.dll. Official translator changed logic value in 1202, "TRUE" to "PRAWDA", unintentionally censoring Polish version and didn't realize his mistake. I've made exactly the same mistake in my translation of NOLF2 and enemies didn't bleed and bodies turned into some backpacks. Fortunately I fixed this problem. :)