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Can you put out a 64 bit version for Linux? I'm getting an error for missing "", but the 32bit version doesn't seem to be available on my system.

For future reference, hardly any Linux users are on 32 bit systems :)

Tried to play on Linux, but when I hit new game I get this error (in terminal):

# Fatal error in , line 0
# Failed to create ICU number format, are ICU data files missing?

==== C stack trace ===============================

 1: Linux v1.3
 2: Linux v1.3
 3: Linux v1.3
 4: ??

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Please mark what platform your game is on so I don't waste time downloading it :Y

Edit: Thank!

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Not running on Linux either. Just one file, terminal reads "Error: Could not load game path '.'.". 

Also, I think you're also supposed to include your original godot project files for this jam.

Cool stuff, no pun intended ;P Since I'm on Linux and had to download the project anyway, I did some tinkering. I found adding diagonal movement made it much easier (HAX :D). This broke the anim initially, but after I changed the y anim code to 'elif' instead of 'if' it worked fine :)

I did get confused on how the temperature thing worked, which seems only to affect enemies. Maybe they could change color instead of the player, since there doesn't seem to any effect on them. 

Anyhow, good work; very useful to dig into other peoples projects :)

Thanks, and thanks for the nice comment about it in the round table discussion as well :)

Actually that whole fuzzy level was never actually planned, save for the fight at the end. I ended up slapping that together on the last day so I could put out some kind of experience. And seeing the positive reactions made me realize it's better to slap things together in the first place, especially in a jam :B

The beginning cutscene depicts the death of the real protagonist, who now hops from person to person as a spirit. People thought the fuzzy graphics represented memory, but within the plot the protag's mind is in a state of defragmenting after death scattered it; so in that level he has a lot of trouble understanding more than the basic shape of a room. The style depicted in the outro is how the game was going to be afterwards; simple monochrome colors with curtains instead of walls (a bit Twin Peaksy).

I might revisit the project one day, do it from the ground up. However, I don't plan on spending more time on RPG Maker MV; I enjoyed the limitations initially, but it really does fight you if you're creating anything other than a standard JRPG. But now that I've strengthened my game-making resolve I've moved on to Godot and an even stranger project; so hopefully I'll have a more complete experience for you in future ;)

Thanks again ☮️♥️

Haha, yeah. I liked the restrictions initially, but the engine is so hard bent toward standard JRPG's (who'da thunk :B) I think I'll leave it for now. I think I'll look into Godot next, since the python-like GDScript sounds appealing, but we'll see.

As for the graphics, yeah, it was going to be a Earthbound/OFF/Lisa kinda RPG;  obviously I didn't get too far with that though.

Devs make and players break, haha :P

How do you transform into a human? I can only seem to do wolf-werewolf.

Got it going :D Interesting mechanic, although it felt inconsistent. Some places it refused to do the 'slap', The hand just disappears when I release.  It also seemed possible to 'grapple' by hitting space at the right moment, but this too only seemed to work sometimes. And since it usually left me lodged in an object I wasn't sure if this was a bug or feature XD

I appreciated the visuals. Much of it obviously incomplete, but still more interesting to look at then boxes :D

I'm getting:

sdl_main.c:2:19: fatal error: AL/al.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

And I don't see sdl2-config anywhere in synaptic.

So happy for your feedback, though apologies for depressing you XD 

Yeah, as usual I planned way more game than I made. Weirdly that 'key' puzzle was a last minute decision; originally you just started out in that fight with even less context. I never actual got to my intended Lvl1, which involved possessing a child, having to argue, and lose, to your parents, and win by ending the night with a good video game (some kind of lesson on minor victories or something).

The 'cop' was going to assign you to help people win their battles, after he opens his jaw 180 Degrees to reveal a spirit flame thing inside that's actually controlling him. The noise idea came late but worked out really well since it adds to a sense that from the spirit's perspective, having a noncorporeal mind, his world is hard to decipher, hence not recognizing the knife. Later the game's walls, as shown in the end, were going to be curtains (possibly organic veiny ones...), to give the idea that your mind is filling out blanks where it can.

This game was going to be fucking bizarre, and pretty dark. I feel like the former would've offset the latter and the tone changes; the 'cop' was going to be quite enigmatic and cheeky; their relationship itself was meant to be part of the backdrop. The game originally ended with a battle with your mirror; as an insecure person trying to meet their own gaze; and winning.

The game evolved into something very introspective on my part. I gained some more insight on how my ambitions falters at my anxiety and depression; Despite getting very involved and excited in this, I found myself drained quite a lot and unwilling to work on it. But in hindsight I think this is the most completed project I've made so far. Realizing the development of this 'game' in itself was an improvement to my abilities and personal growth was probably what kept me from quitting, rather than trying to have something to turn in.

^And if you made it through all that you've done me 2 kindnesses now X'D

Just seems like a weird post for a Linux game jam :B

Ended up just switching to controller, and the controls there feel pretty good :) (Wonky jetpacks aside ;P). Now I wanna go play some Megaman X XD

Once I got a grip on the controls (all the tips flashed way too fast for me), I was surprised at the depth of the mechanics; a tad clunky but clearly well thought out with the map design. Well done :D

Solid :D

Is this supposed to be gamepad only? The prompts seem to indicate so. And fire is Enter on the keyboard, which is weird to reach for.

Worked after I downloaded libpng16-16 on Linux mint

Reminds me of making my own text adventure in python ^^

The download's listed as Windows only?

Is this supposed to be a fan-game for people who've played Doki Doki Literature club? 0.o

First off, good luck to all the participants, myself included! :B

I thought an introduction thread might be fun, and as far as I can tell there's no rule against it. With the same spirit I'm gonna keep the vibe here pretty loose, so here's some examples of things you could share:

  • Name/Handle
  • Skills (Coder/Artist/etc)
  • Some personal background
  • The game mechanic (or verb) that's driving your current inspiration
  • What you're working with
  • What you want out of this experience

That said let's try to keep away from giant walls of text ;)

I'm hoping this thread will make people feel more pumped and part of a community; which in turn will hopefully result in better entries and more collaboration.

Without further ado I'll get my one out of the way,


So hi, I'm Hadbabits. I've been a semi-lurker in the GamingOnLinux community for several years now (and wrote a couple articles). 

I'm a dabbler, and see myself as both a mediocre coder and artist. Partially I just want to complete a project for once, but I'm also hoping to get some good practice in both areas, and eventually develop enough skill that I feel I could contribute to a team. As it stands my creative vision far outweighs my current capabilities, so I'm definitely going to be tackling this project solo. Which isn't to say my creative vision is good, but that I would want more creative input than I feel I can justify.

I'll be using RPG Maker MV because I find the many restraints and limited possibilities makes it easier to start creating. I also like the challenge of making a game in RPG Maker that doesn't feel like a RPG Maker game.


So that's that! I look forward to meeting the competition, and wish you all the best of luck :D <3

Execute the RunMe file, not the ExeLinux one; sorry, I didn't realize the instructions wouldn't show up on this page :v

Are you just looking to refine your skills and/or get your name out there? As I'm in the very early stages of producing a non-commercial game (would be released as free or possibly pay what you want/free) and it would be nice to get a composer on board :)