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Thank you ! Audio is something I didn't pay attention to for a long time. The truth is that it adds so much to even such a simple game as this one :)

Thanks a lot for your precious feedback ! I hesitated for the holding spacebar... it may have been better, if cooldown is chosen correctly ;) Controls could have been improved in general, adding some smoothness to movement or controller support.

Thanks a lot ! I feel that adding the bonuses spawn was really the right way to do it, it made bombs interesting as some kind of risk reward. Thanks for your feedback !

AMAZING ! Can't believe what I just played ! Graphics are cool, everything is so dynamic, with great particle effects. Music si so cool and the gameplay is really original. The way that you don't really control your panzer but you kinda do... it's interesting. And of course, you had to add some RPG Elements... great touch too. It's so generous for such a small game jam... Can't wait to see the Chaos Penguin again !

Interesting concept ! Really like how the moon can protect us, which leads to some risk reward, trying to anticipate if the moon will block the asteroid or not. The game could have benefit a few sound effects to feel more dynamic. I like the simple graphic style, really nice. And I have to create some splash screen too, the Cyberarm Engine one is really cool !

Works fluently ! Really nice clone of the classic Asteroids. Could have use some sound to make it more dynamic. Really like how the forces are applied to the ship ! :)

I played really long that game, controls are amazing ! The tension can really grow with all that flames :)

Really liked it ! I can be frustrating that the box can fall at the very front but in any case, I played it quite a while ;) 

Have to say I really enjoyed it ! The animations are really cute :)

thanks for the feedback! I agree for the instant death that can be frustrating. For the coins you have to take again after death, that was a choice since there were so few levels. If I had more time to create more, I would have decided differently 😉

thanks ! I appreciate the feedback 😉

Thank you !  I'm not used to finish project so music is not something I often add to my programs. I'll be more careful next jam. Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks a lot ! Yes, I updated with a looping version of the music after, I'm not used to go that far on a game (lol) so I'm not used to notice that music is not looping ;)

For sure you'll get to it with more time ;)

So glad to be back on Penguin universe ! I love how you mad those games connected with each other. The introduction is cool, maybe the texts could last a little longer for non native english to be able to read them.

The game is more a versus fighting game like smash bros than a platformer to me, even if there is a platform you must stay on. I find the game really difficult and feel that each time I won I was lucky on some way. The IA is really well done, maybe too much :)

The graphics are cool and the music is awesome ! A controller support may have helped me on this one. I really like that you take risks each jam, because you could have simply relied on one of the several great platformers you already did in the past. What will be next ? A guitar hero clone ? ;)

What a game ! This concept is brilliant ! Unfortunately, I can't finish level 12. Almost sure about what to do, but can't do it.

I really like the game feel (a controller support may help) and puzzle are clever. You should push this further, it's really great.

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The game looks cool but it's not a platformer. From what I guess there are only two buttons available, so my comment is based on this assumption.

If timed correctly, the two hits to take take an ennemy are easy to get. I don't know, I feel that I just don't get it, like there is more to it I can't understand. But if the idea was to create an endless runner with battle, it can lead to something interesting with a bit more work ;)

The concept is interesting. It's quite frustrating to have to validate ourselves that the goal is reached (which seems quite easy to implement since your collisions seem to work really ok). The game really must be played fullscreen because the mouse is not constrained inside the screen.

But I really wanted to clear every level and quite enjoyed it. Nice work !

That's an interesting concept. Graphics are cool and music is relaxing. I managed to clear the level but I'm not sure if it's possible to clear it without taking damage, seems to me that only one route is making it to the end.

For sure the idea is original and with some more situations and more cards it can be a fun game to play.

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I really liked it ! For some reason, my xbox series controller didn't make the cat jump (only moving), so I had to play it on keyboard.

I managed to finish it, and I really like how difficulty increases. It may be because of the keyboard gameplay I had to go for, but I find it almost easier to only keep the cat jumping never releasing spacebar, because it's possible to bounce on dogs.

The only part that surprised me was the two platforms on top of each other : it's really strange that the cat seems to teleport on the one above. I really like how the cat respawns on death. We created almost the same game (collect things avoiding ennemies until a final flag) and I find your solution way smarter and less punishing than mine. Great game ! :)

Consider playing Typing of the Dead or the The Textorcist if you like typing games :) Thanks for your comment !

 Thanks a lot ! I'll polish it more next jam, if the theme inspires me more ;)

Thank you ! At first, I wanted to give each action some sound effect. But time was missing, unfortunately. It would have been way better to include simple animations instead of this pulsating effect. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks a lot ! If you felt a little chaotic like the original game, then I made what I wanted :)

There is some idea but it would benefit more time and work on it, I guess :) Some sound would help too, keep up !

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I could have pay for this game, this is really what came to mind while I was playing. I really love that it follows previous game, so many pingouins here ! For a 2D game, construction is really well done and we can follow blueprint quite easily. The battle areas are simple but still fun, and the game gives so much for a one week game jam. Have to mention audio : music is fantastic ! I just loved those themes, I think that Hydrogene is getting better and better at this. Your next entry to Steam maybe ? ;)

Just loved it ! The idea is really good, I especially love when people go inside the shops... I don't know why, I just enjoy to see them lining up behind the windows. I also like that we can read their thoughts, as seen in early Roller Coaster Tycoon games. Really well done !

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That's simple but really funny ! I'm used to more complex games from cyberarm, but that's a neat idea :)

The idea is cool. I like that the opponents have various and predictable attacks ! Sound is cool and graphics are ok too. 

Excellent game ! Really happy that the Pingouin is back :) Music is cool, controls are great. Graphics are pleasant too, nice work !

Really like this game ! Graphics are simple but nice, music is really cool. I really love the possibility to speed up game speed, it's juicy to see how much power we can get when destroying a wave. Really well done !

Thanks a lot ! :)

Thanks a lot ! :)

I had a hard time to make it work, but it's mostly because I'm not used to bundler, which seems quite efficient to package games when you know what you're doing ! :)

The game looks really cool, I like its visuals a lot. I didn't have any sound ? According to the media folder, I guess there would only be the ball sound though. The game is mostly smooth on my laptop, some freezes happened a couple times. The ball got stuck a few times too.

Got to the third level, I like those text popups. It may have been pleasant to be able to validate them using the enter keyword since the mouse is not used anywhere else.

Good game ! Thanks :)

Thanks for the detailed feedback ! The mouse cursor was expected to show because I use the latest version of Gosu where this rule was changed... it may has been safer to include this line though on a gosu oriented jam where users could have previous versions ;)

I know that some box could be stuck on the entry point, I didn't have time to figure that out unfortunately. 

Speed should have increase with time... maybe in the dropping boxes that could start to drop faster. I thought about that but ran out of time. Using the keys instead of fast mouse moving could have helped to deal with that.

Thanks a lot ! :)

Interesting game ! Have to admit that movements really surprised me when they became chaotic, which is good in our context :)

I have issues to predict them though, but I really like those simple yet challenging mechanics. Well done ! :)

Managed to clear up to level 5 ! The idea is funny, the title is really hilarious when you think about it. Have to admit that this reminds me of my own kids a lot ;) Graphics are simple but nice, controls really simple. Feels a little random to me, but the idea is cool and totally fits the theme ;) Well done !

Merci beaucoup ! :)

For such a simple idea, it was really pleasant to play ! I may have prefer some visual representation of the wind instead of plain text. But the concept itself is cool and the ball reacts quite well to the physics ! Well done :)