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Consider playing Typing of the Dead or the The Textorcist if you like typing games :) Thanks for your comment !

 Thanks a lot ! I'll polish it more next jam, if the theme inspires me more ;)

Thank you ! At first, I wanted to give each action some sound effect. But time was missing, unfortunately. It would have been way better to include simple animations instead of this pulsating effect. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks a lot ! If you felt a little chaotic like the original game, then I made what I wanted :)

There is some idea but it would benefit more time and work on it, I guess :) Some sound would help too, keep up !

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I could have pay for this game, this is really what came to mind while I was playing. I really love that it follows previous game, so many pingouins here ! For a 2D game, construction is really well done and we can follow blueprint quite easily. The battle areas are simple but still fun, and the game gives so much for a one week game jam. Have to mention audio : music is fantastic ! I just loved those themes, I think that Hydrogene is getting better and better at this. Your next entry to Steam maybe ? ;)

Just loved it ! The idea is really good, I especially love when people go inside the shops... I don't know why, I just enjoy to see them lining up behind the windows. I also like that we can read their thoughts, as seen in early Roller Coaster Tycoon games. Really well done !

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That's simple but really funny ! I'm used to more complex games from cyberarm, but that's a neat idea :)

The idea is cool. I like that the opponents have various and predictable attacks ! Sound is cool and graphics are ok too. 

Excellent game ! Really happy that the Pingouin is back :) Music is cool, controls are great. Graphics are pleasant too, nice work !

Really like this game ! Graphics are simple but nice, music is really cool. I really love the possibility to speed up game speed, it's juicy to see how much power we can get when destroying a wave. Really well done !

Thanks a lot ! :)

Thanks a lot ! :)

I had a hard time to make it work, but it's mostly because I'm not used to bundler, which seems quite efficient to package games when you know what you're doing ! :)

The game looks really cool, I like its visuals a lot. I didn't have any sound ? According to the media folder, I guess there would only be the ball sound though. The game is mostly smooth on my laptop, some freezes happened a couple times. The ball got stuck a few times too.

Got to the third level, I like those text popups. It may have been pleasant to be able to validate them using the enter keyword since the mouse is not used anywhere else.

Good game ! Thanks :)

Thanks for the detailed feedback ! The mouse cursor was expected to show because I use the latest version of Gosu where this rule was changed... it may has been safer to include this line though on a gosu oriented jam where users could have previous versions ;)

I know that some box could be stuck on the entry point, I didn't have time to figure that out unfortunately. 

Speed should have increase with time... maybe in the dropping boxes that could start to drop faster. I thought about that but ran out of time. Using the keys instead of fast mouse moving could have helped to deal with that.

Thanks a lot ! :)

Interesting game ! Have to admit that movements really surprised me when they became chaotic, which is good in our context :)

I have issues to predict them though, but I really like those simple yet challenging mechanics. Well done ! :)

Managed to clear up to level 5 ! The idea is funny, the title is really hilarious when you think about it. Have to admit that this reminds me of my own kids a lot ;) Graphics are simple but nice, controls really simple. Feels a little random to me, but the idea is cool and totally fits the theme ;) Well done !

Merci beaucoup ! :)

For such a simple idea, it was really pleasant to play ! I may have prefer some visual representation of the wind instead of plain text. But the concept itself is cool and the ball reacts quite well to the physics ! Well done :)

I'm not good in this kind of games, but it feels really smart, even if I'm not :)

The music is cool and graphics are simple but well done. I tried to find the best way to handle the flows. I'm sure there are lot's of nice strategies to apply though, I would be interested in seing a nice playtime of it :)

This music, I love it so much ! The game itself is really savage, the chaos theme is respected ! Graphics are simple but cute and some effects are really well done. I'm not really fan of the platformer part, but the beat em all is cool. Really cool to see the penguin again, too :)

This game is so funny to play ! I really like the graphics and sounds. Especially, the cat is so cut and the animations are really cool. Controls are really smooth too. Great game !

What an amazing game ! Graphics are really cute (and funny !), gameplay is smooth. The battle encounter is not too much, just the right balance. And the music is dynamic and enjoyable. Keep up the great work !

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A truly amazing game ! The idea to combine classic platformer with some 2D digging "puzzles" is really clever. Collecting all pieces can be a little challenge thanks to that idea. Controls, especially with a controller, are smooth and feel great, so are graphics that remind me really good gaming days. A day one purchase on my side, for sure !

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It's such a great game ! Beautiful and clever. I'm not that good at planning things as intended, but really, it feels original and fresh. And music is cool too ! :)

Thank you so much ! Camera could have been improved, for sure, as well as collision detection. That was actually a lot to create within 72 hours, and we had so many ideas to implement still :) And actually, the winner of the 46th edition was also using Ruby and Gosu ;).

I really like the style it has, but sorry, I can't get what I'm supposed to do there.

The game is cool ! Reminds me of Kula World on PS1. I guess camera control would have helped, but the game controls quite nicely :)

The game is beautiful and so addictive ! It lags a little though, but my computer is not that fast. Love it :)

The idea itself is really cool ! But I had issues with controls (especially the mouse jump, I guess the mouse cursor visible would have helped. Also, the text is not really readable, but I like the scenary ! Could be really cool with more time, I guess :)

Thanks a lot, that is really pleasant to read :)

And yes, we are french ;)

That's a great idea ! :)

Super cool game, it plays really nicely and the concept is really smart ! :)

I find it a little difficult, but I like the graphics, the sound (voices are cool) and it's original :)

For sure I don't want them to be any easier. But for now, I guess I have to learn by heart where are ammo and plants to do my travel, which is more like puzzle than action thing ;) A save feature would for sure make things more engaging !

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This is amazing guys ! Kinda difficult I must say, even if I'm used to play such games as Resident Evil early series. But YOU managed to create what I had in mind for years now ! :) Thanks a lot !