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Don't worry about being redundant. If all people would let me know that sound would be big improvement, I'll make sure to make space for it in my future plans. 

I wanted to go to sleep, but I kind of got glued to this game. Great work!

This is one of the most unique game ideas I have seen in so long time. To be honest I wouldn't mind playing more refined version of it as a full game. It seems like a fun game loop. 
Im' just a little bit confused what the player's hitbox is. Most of the time they didn't hit me when I was sure they did, so it's a pleasant surprise, but its still a little bit confusing

Game is fun but controls are somewhat unresponsive. When I stop, the square keeps going for aother 0.5 second. 

It is very cool to see jam game that pushes some story, it is not very common. Also visuals are absolutely stunnig.

I managed to beat the last stage and this game rocks

Visuals, idea and audio are absolutely awesome. Controls are a little bit odd for me though, like there is this 0.5 pause between input and actual movement of the character.

The theme was supposed to be implemented mainly in graphics and story. Unfortunately artist had other things to take care of and I didn't have time to make up for it. So theme is implemented only in the wall-of-text story at the beginning and end of the game (Escaping the prison).

That was very wholesome 15 minutes of my time. Game lack a little bit of challenge though. Completing requests isn't difficult at all.

WebGL version is outdated. People that don't know that you had worked more on it may not know to download desktop version.

I don't know if it is only with me, but after getting jump-scared game did not progress anymore. I had to restart it.

I am absolutely astounded by level of "being a complete game" this presents compared to all other projects.

Seems nice, but I still found few bugs that are a little weird. Namely:

  • Player collides with bullets, so if you are running backwards and shooting, bullets stop at your face. In Unity exists collision matrix with can easily allow you to disable player bullets to hit his face.
  • Enemies shoot at player, but don't seem to correct their vertical angle, aka if enemy is to high, he will aim above the player.
  • Yellow guys can push player outside of invisible walls.
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The walkthrough is pretty handy when there is no indication if I am doing something right or wrong. 

As a side note, do not use the same texture for a button where player has to push block to press it, and for buttons on which he can just stand on.  If not for walkthrough I would walk around the mansion with the block till the end.

I must admit, I have spend few minutes watching the reload animation. 
Enemies feel like their are spawning when I am near their spawn point. It resulted in some enemies spawning in my face, what was weird.

I had no idea what I'm doing and I still managed to complete the game. Props for good level design. I also admire touhou inspired boss. 

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It is mildly annoying that once something is typed into the keypad, there is no way to remove it. Closing and opening interaction window was first what I thought should reset it, but it did not work. Also, I don't know if it says something about me, but I couldn't solve the first riddle.