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Hey :) If you're still interested, I just started a public pre-alpha playtest for this new project! (Sorry it's on Steam though ^^')

I'm actually working on a new projet also temporarily named "The Cardcrafter" but it doesn't have much in common ^^'

Ahah thank you :)

What a great date <3

Cool voices!

This is so CUUUUTE!

Ooh okay :) 

Ahah thanks \o/ I'm curious though, how did you end up finding that game 3 years after it was published? :')

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Idea looks pretty neat, do you have plans for translations? (Like, french?)

Thanks ^_^

Thanks \o/ 

It's a shader indeed :) Could use a lot of improvements, but it worked as intended ^^

That's super well made \o/ Only the camera was far too bouncy for me, gave me a bit of motion sickness as I have seen other mention, so I couldn't play it for too long. Gameplay was very neat though, even if I ended up hidden behind a door dying because I was stuck ^^'

Also not focusing on the art, and letting it inspire you, I guess it helps a lot programmer folks (like me) to really concentrate on the experience and relying oh the existing (and super good) sprites. I definitely agree with you that the quality is quite high, lots of very cool games.

That's super nice! I'm super impressed to be honnest, you're like the third person in this jam making their first game, and my first games weren't nearly as good as those I've seen around, including this one :')

I have to agree with other people here that it would be cool to find a way to reduce luck just a bit, especially for the initial engage where you can be lucky and clear a board at once (on the first stages anyway, a bit harder later), or be unlucky and lose a lot of lives "for free," which was a bit frustrating to me (but I'm not a big fan of luck anyway, so I'm not sure my opinion is super worthy here ^^'). I didn't have the patience to reach the end boss, but I still had fun playing it, that's a very cool concept :)

Thanks \o/ 

I wish too, but I heard about the jam far too late and could only spend 14h on it ^^'

I'll be honnest, I tried a few times but I think I didn't understand some of the core principles ^^' Maybe it's because the timing is very tight, but I wasn't able to block the dragon's attacks, and always ended up dying pretty quickly!

Nice polish though, it looks cool and animations are neat :)

Thank you \o/

And yeah the "undo" button is probably my biggest regret, even more than sound, it would have been so convenient (including for me while playtesting!).

This was super fun ^^ The variety of weapons makes the game very engaging, it's like a treasure chest :D On my third run, I discovered the amazing spring loaded punch, I breezed through the levels, until the first (?) big boss with the hands, and I'm not sure if I can beat it with this weapon because nothing I did seem to have any impact ^^' (And also the game crashed right after I died there.)

I just kinda missed some feedback when hitting the enemies (or maybe I was just really super bad at hitting them)!

Anyway, super feeling, and great to have so many things to try \o/

Yup sound would have definitely made a difference :)

Thanks for playing and your kind words, I loved your game a lot btw!

Woaah that was super cool! Had a lot of fun (and a tiny bit of frustration :'D) moving around this map, and the fights are pretty great! I'll be honnest, the story wasn't too deep :p But it's okay, it gave the game just the atmosphere it needed to stand out. I didn't have any bug, and also appreciated that you kept the game short instead of dragging it longer than needed, it made a nice experience from start to finish :) (Btw what's the point of that long hallway on the top left?! :o)

Thank you \o/ It's so hard to evaluate a puzzle game's difficulty without having playtesters ^^'

That was a super cool entry! It played really well (although I'll admit I onfly finished it in normal difficulty ^^'), I had a good chuckle at the second boss ending, but I chose what I assume is the bad ending :( Overall it felt really polished and clean to play, with a nice atmosphere. I may try it again in hard mode to see the other ending!

Cool video about making the game, too :)

This is so haaaard :'D 

I see a lot of other people have mentionned the controls, and yeah they're super rigid and unusual, but as someone else said it gives a kind of unique feel to the game \o/ The downside for me is that it means that it's a bit long to reach the place you just died (but maybe I died more than the average!). I would love an easy mode with pretty close checkpoints :p

Anyway, congrats for your very first game, it's super cool!

Wow congrats on making a multiplayer game in such a short time ^^'

I could only test it with myself, but it's a pretty nice concept! I'd argue the controls were a lot too slippery for me, and also the fact that your input to switch gravity is based on the "normal" gravity makes it hard to do a quick and intuitive change mid-action, at least for me! (Also maybe it's because I was playing with myself, I didn't see the health bar of the "other" player go down as shooting them.)

Must be fun with a lot of player going around in all directions!

Damn this is so clever and... haaaard :') I've just completed the level with the stairs leading in the different rooms, and now I have four green guys I'm supposed to plan trajectories for, my brain can't handle that right now :'D

It's really well made, I'll pick it up again a bit later to try and complete more levels, but it kinda stresses me out that there isn't an "undo" function, since everything is so tight ^^' (Although I didn't put an undo button in my game either, so I'm not blaming you!)

Thank you \o/ Yeah I was a bit short on time so tutorials got pretty short ^^'

I'll try your game before the end of the week!

Thanks :) I'll try your game as soon as I have some time!

Ahah that would be pretty fun that your music happened to be just right in time with the spreading ^^

Thank you for the kind words :D And yeah you're totally right regarding the keys, I didn't really think it through ^^'

That was really cool, and it's especially impressive considering it's the first game you publish!

I think the difficulty was good, not too easy but not so hard that you have to go through the levels 100 times. Also I'm gonna be honnest, the amount of levels was actually just right. It's a personnal preference, but I like jam games not to be too long :) (Although I'll admit the one I made myself is longer than what I wanted ^^')

Anyway, congrats!

I finished it!! For real this time 8)

Excellent game, congrats :)

Ahah there's no sound in the game, but thanks anyway :)

Thank you ^^

Ahahah I see I'm not the only one to have sunk a LOT of time in that game ^^' 

I was so satisfied when I reached the end, and then... SECRET ENDING! I haven't finished the bonus levels yet, but I think I will, it's really nice and polished, solutions are super clever, I love it :) Super good work!

Ahahah I see I'm not the only one to have sunk a LOT of time in that game ^^' 

I was so satisfied when I reached the end, and then... SECRET ENDING! I haven't finished the bonus levels yet, but I think I will, it's really nice and polished, solutions are super clever, I love it :) Super good work!

That was super nice \o/ Just as hard as it needed (for me at least), great atmosphere (although not sure if music stopping after the first death is a feature or a bug?). The controls felt weird at first but I got used to them quickly and didn't die That many times :D 

And also very good quest for a very good boy.

Thanks Louis \o/

In the "Kind of project" field you have to select "HTML" instead of "Downloadable", and then the checkbox will appear when you upload your zip.

Thanks! \o/

Aww thank you that's so sweet :D (Especially since we've just started a new project, far bigger but with a lot of similarities to this one, so that's encouraging ^^)