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ooooh, I missed that FF being Firefox, I might have trouble testing that as I don't have a Linux machine, I'll see if I can figure it out.

Thank you, appreciate that

Ah, sorry you're experiencing that, do you mind telling me what platform/device you're trying to play the game on?

Oh wow, thank you! Hope it wasn't too confusing :P

This game rules

I love this game, really neat little game. And as many have said, gorgeous art!

I love this game

Thank you! Yeah, I don't disagree that something more in terms of progression would be nice. We had plans to have more obstacles maybe start to show up over time, or something like that. The level thing is interesting though, and very simple. Pipe Dream was definitely something we talked about when making it!

Thank you!

Some potential with the idea I think, and the art is nice. I struggled to figure out how to redirect the robots properly.

The assets show some potential, interesting

I would definitely play it!


Yeah, controls don't work for me either. The art is neat!

I really enjoyed this! I think the presentation is simple but really effective, the idea is well executed, very good job. One maybe bug(?) I ran into is near the end of my run I was out of shots, picked up a couple of the orange bullets but still couldn't shoot, maybe I misunderstood those though?

Great job!

I really enjoyed this game, as said, the presentation was really really good. I thought the format was super interesting and special as well. Gave me an old horror movie vibe. Really good

Interesting idea, presentation seemed pretty solid, however once the breaker went out I couldn't see anything at all, so I was a bit stuck at that point.

Fun little sandbox, would agree it fits the theme nicely. Coolio!

I adored this! My child really thought it was super fun and hilarious as well :P I think the controls are really well handled, the constrained movement during sprinting, etc. I also think you nailed the actually movement and feeling (I saw the inspiration video you posted).

The assets you did have in looked really nice. You likely know this, but there is some emptyness in the middle, I think it would have been nice to have maybe a smaller area with more density? Overall I loved this!

This game is so good, really impressed. I love the balance of swimming and damage, and moving the bits of raft around is super interesting. The art is top, the music is great.

Very impressive game, the visuals are very polished. Those dastardly cement mixers(?) really destroyed me. I think the gameplay fit the feel of the theme very well

The art is really quite nice, especially the splash screens! The gameplay is funny and pretty fun, my child found it especially hilarious. Reminds me a lot of elastomania(?) nice game!

I love the idea! It was really very hard, but I think with some tweaking it could be loads of fun. I have some random block placement in my entry and actually got a lot of mileage out of some really simple adjustment of which blocks were picked behind the scenes.

I struggled with the controls a lot, visuals were interesting!

Fun little idea! I was a little confused at the beginning trying to pick up new medkits (I think because I didn't see an animation or feedback), and it's strange when a person you're healing runs off. It looks like you have done a ton of work on the art, very impressive.

Very simple, but surprisingly fun, it is an interesting idea for sure. I would agree the movement is maybe a bit slow, and you could have a little "killed by x enemy" on the game over screen to make it clear the monsters you drop can hurt you.

Great presentation, the gameplay was interesting but devolved into frustration at some points for me (accidentally jiggle the wrong thing and have to click through a bunch of dialog again). However, really does fit the theme in terms of feelings, really nice.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

This is lots of fun, the evil walls keep you on your toes

Thanks! Appreciate it

Thanks! Glad you like it, it's just an endless thing, play as long as you can, the ball in the top left of the screen shows how long your current run has been and how long your longest run has been

I loved this, I feel like it has a perfect little way about it, the writing kept me smiling, and thinking. The little twist at/after the bar was simple yet very effective.

This game was pretty rad, much enjoyed