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plz post the updates in here to BUMP 

I like your dark style of sound design

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Yeah, totally free.

Hi, I'm Lancer. Nobody knows me anyways.

Today I want you to listen to what I have done until now, and if it's enough for you to want to work with me in a project. I may not look like it (as if I ever look like something) but I have experince studying music from game soundtracks, like rythm games, visual novels,  any story-based game in general or even the interactive ones 

That's it.

Some tracks in here:

The older ones:

and these are more recent:

The results of my nonsensical winter season (sad stuff happened,)

I like azur lane

I do really like azur lane

And this funny thing with a  chep keyboard. Just to demonstrate that music is good regardles of instrument quality, of course, in pure musical terms (holy moly I forgor what I did to the ending of this video, sorry if it's too much, I just wanted to make it funnier). Technical stuff is also important though.


Oh no wait.

Actually, I have more creative projects to share, but those are for a certain competition so I'm not going to share them yet.

After all, I've realised it's not worth mentioning my +4 years of experience as audio engineer for the local radio since this time I just want to compose and produce by my own.

Feel free to contact me through discord as  @grandlancer   or in telegram by @grand_lancer

Also, I do really apprecciate the feedback even if you are not looking for a composer, just by the time it took you to listening to my music.

got it

Nah, my spanish is native. Sometimes I just forget in what language I'm talking to. And my natural driven expressionism it's also particular and strange by its own as you may see.

I really like your music

holy molly that's a great voice you have there!

PLEASE, what's your project about!

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I'm interested in the resulting project. Did you manage to finish it or still need a composer?

Entiendo lo de las ilustraciones. No se preocupes por eso, siempre se aprende con las acciones. Ahora bien, en general tengo que admitir que la premisa de la historia al comienzo es suficientemente atractiva por sí misma. Lo único que le invito a replantearse -tomando en consideración opiniones externas- el cómo hacer que esa misma seducción aplique a las visuales del juego. No soy experto en el área pero de igual forma le sugiero tomar referencias de estilos similares y asi consiga una consistencia a la cual aferrarse.

this is GOOD

that was very entertaining tbh, and a little hot ngl. thankyou