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[FREE] Let's make some music

A topic by LANCER created 9 days ago Views: 37
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Yeah, totally free.

Hi, I'm Lancer. Nobody knows me anyways.

Today I want you to listen to what I have done until now, and if it's enough for you to want to work with me in a project. I may not look like it (as if I ever look like something) but I have experince studying music from game soundtracks, like rythm games, visual novels,  any story-based game in general or even the interactive ones 

That's it.

Some tracks in here:

The older ones:

and these are more recent:

The results of my nonsensical winter season (sad stuff happened,)

I like azur lane

I do really like azur lane

And this funny thing with a  chep keyboard. Just to demonstrate that music is good regardles of instrument quality, of course, in pure musical terms (holy moly I forgor what I did to the ending of this video, sorry if it's too much, I just wanted to make it funnier). Technical stuff is also important though.


Oh no wait.

Actually, I have more creative projects to share, but those are for a certain competition so I'm not going to share them yet.

After all, I've realised it's not worth mentioning my +4 years of experience as audio engineer for the local radio since this time I just want to compose and produce by my own.

Feel free to contact me through discord as  @grandlancer   or in telegram by @grand_lancer

Also, I do really apprecciate the feedback even if you are not looking for a composer, just by the time it took you to listening to my music.