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Guilherme Gontijo

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Muito obrigado, Guilherme! Espero que curta! Escolhi as imagens a dedo para passar a sensação que meus amigos tiveram quando rodei esse cenário para eles. 

You're welcome!

holy shit. Beautiful. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the kind words!
I hope you have tons of fun and "don't forget to take this kaleidoscope with you". :)

Cair-naum is a noble merchant who lost his gardens after a Beast had taken it for granted. He told the youThe Beast is an envyous ex-employee of his that made a pact with the inferior world and became a creature of horns and claws. It hates water but loves drinking it. The gardens are a place of beautiful nature and huge fountains of cristaline water. The creature murder his servants and banish him from his own property. Cair-Naum’s only son, Cair-Sael, will be waiting for the travelers at the locked gates of the gardens to help them to hunt the Beast and reclaim the property. Something tells you there are things not said in Cair-Naum's story and that you will discover, sooner or later.

The pamphlet dungeon contains:

- A good descriptions of 8 areas; 
- An old school map;
- A micro bestiary with stats for 3 creatures;
- Space so you can create your own traps and make this dungeon yours! 
- Totally adaptable to any system you want (but perfect with OSR systems!). 
- Pdfs to print in oldschool grayscale or in fancy colors!

Just U$3 for both files!