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Hi, there.

I've played a solo battle using Tacticians Of Ahm tonight (using a google sheet as the battle grid) and I have some words about my experience doing it:

I really think this has great potential for skirmish wargaming (and tactical combat RPGs). Nonetheless I also feel it is a bit incomplete. I missed a "z-index rule" (what happens if my character gets on a higher/lower physical plane mid battle) and an economy of acts on the round considering which side the PC is facing. Without it the battle sounded too flat since there was no difference if my PC attacked from a higher physical plane (like the top of a table) or from the ground. The base rules of ToA imply the use of a grid, but at the same time I feel movement and positioning were a bit underlooked compared to damage rules.

I loved how you visually represented the attack range! So inspiring and easily understandable.

At least, but no less important, the idea for your game is too good or not having a battle AI. This alone would make the game much more enjoyable and solo/co-op/gmless compatible.

Thank you for your work!  

Hi, there.

I've played this game tonight and although I had fun doing it, there were some questions left unanswered by the pdf.

1. A Scrapper starts with 4 HD (and therefore 4 treasures). If all of them are combat related (like an helm, a leather armour, a spear and a shield) that means unless the monster's TR is of 6, my PC will automatically succeed over all of them since 1+4=5. Is this correct?!

2. On the free dungeon that came with the game there's a mention of Merchant on room number 5 and curiously this is the only place on the pdf this merchant appears. I really don't know what to do with it.

3. The bonuses from the treasures work only as "plus number" or can they work as "minus number" to help me when the TR is like 2, for example? Cause if it only works as "+number", it would actually make those kind of challenges more difficult if I chose to use them. They would feel more like a curse than as a bonus.

Precisa não! Recebi aqui, muito obrigado! 😊 

Hi Murilo! Thank you very much! You can pay through my PIX:

This one means Setting Agnostic and the A+S form a mountain. 

Hi there! There is a partiular icon, System Agnostic.


Thank you!

Let me know if it worked (but I think it will)!

Amazing game!

Is there any possibility to share it also as a Game Boy rom?! I would die to play it on an Android emulator!

Oh, its an open filter, so you can edit its setting freely. Just adjustment layers and effects over a smart object. All accessible from the layers panel. The important part is that your version of photoshop has the Mosaic filter on it.  Check out LCDreamer from the inside. 

Hi there!

I had answered your comment before but Itch erased it when I enable the community stuff, sorry!

So, I also assume it won't work on really old versions, but I can't say it for sure since I have no ways to test it here.

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I imagined this could happen because Affinity could not find the bitmap I used on the grid (it comes inside the zip). To solve that problem  follow the steps below:

1. With the grid layer selected, hit the Fill Tool and on the Type drop menu select "Bitmap" 

2. Affinity Photo will open a browse window so you can select the box grid image that came inside the zip

3. And that's it! Now you can change orientation and scale of the grid with the Fill Tool.

Hi there! I really can't say it for sure cause I have no ways to try it here, but as you, I also assume it won't, sorry. :/

Thanks. It worked our fine, but I think common wargame counters would work better (althought not as cooler of course). I'll try the counters next week.


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hey there.

I did some paper minis to play your game with patlabor and Dominion Tank police images. Greetings from Brazil.Imagem

Becoming a favorite one

"Lay on Hands is quickly becoming my favorite solo RPG. For a lot of reasons. The oracle is honestly perfect. I feel it's one of those open ended oriented tools that really works and doesn't leave you in a silent confusion. Each result have a lot of possible outcomes in it's numbers and words. Very very good.

I love to spin the coin and try the labyrinth challenge. It's so hard and because of that so good. It's really a challenge and this helps you being present while playing it. Speaking of it, the clock works amazingly well helping you seeing the passage of in-game time. Below are the drawings from the Pilot episode of my Lay on hands game. I'm having tons of fun!"


I'm working on a A4 version so it works on my printer (Brazilian reader here) :)

Thank you so much! <3


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Sorta. This was just a design exercise for the 200WordRPG 2019 contest, so it is not like we have too much space for a bestiary or anything like that. Anyway, a good "appendix n" for this game is the comic "Beasts of Burden"

We're running a bundle to help a friend that is in ICU fighting covid. 100% of the profit will go to his wife and two small kids. Other creators are asking us to hop in the bundle but can't add them because of "rules. COULD YOU PLEASE OPEN AN EXCEPTION FOR US IN THIS CASE?

This is the bundle


Hi! Thanks for the sweet words! We did it only once because of the Plague. But as soon as this ends I would totally be up for another. Check out the ad I did at the time:

Cool, right?

Cool, right?

Beside this one I did another workshop of principles of graphic design applied to TTRPG zines at the same year:

Thank you for the kind words, Quentin!

Really cool game! I would play hours and hours of it. If you plan to expand the thing in the future, I missed some dificulty . It was everything vey rail roading and I would enjoy more puzzles. I loved the portraits and the pixel art!

Oi, li ele em inglês sim, mas já tem tradução em português e é recente. Pela editora Clock Tower. 

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Terra da Noite é um cenário do romance homônimo e em domínio público de William Hope Hodgson. Abaixo algumas fanarts que encontrei na Internet e que me inspirarão durante a escrita. 

The'res not enough words to describe what I've felt playing this game.

The art is so beautifil and... man, it feels good to see the cerrado's vegetation in a gameboy aesthetic. I loved the multi-layer stuff with the tree silhuete hiding secret areas. I would love to have more of the game and a higher dificulty. This reminded me a lot of "Echo the dolphin", where you had to solve challenging missions while relaxing with the nature around you. It would be cool to see levels with rivers, Ipe trees, fires and some NPCs.

Great Job!


amazing! SO MUCH FUN!

Man that was scary. 

GOOOOORGEOUS black and white graphics! This is the kind of horror I like. I never fully see the creature and that's the problem.  Awesome and creepy to the bones.


Very good game. 

So atmospheric! I had so much fun playing it, thank you! I loved the glitchy oldschool aesthethic. So coooool! 

All done. Thank you very much!




I saw it, thank you very much for your help!
I'll fix the text right now and send it to everybody!

(4 edits)

Thank you again! Already fix it! I'll wait some hours to upload the new files cause I'm almost sure new typos will appear somewhere. English is a hard language! Thank you so much again!

I've just sent you a free Boschtiary by e-mail in gratitude!

Thank you! Corrected those! I'll update the new files in the weekend!