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Filter still applies to old versions of Photoshop?

A topic by goliard created Feb 27, 2022 Views: 102 Replies: 7
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I've got a really old version of Photoshop that I still use (7.0) - won't get involved in the subscription model - and I wonder if this filter would still work with older versions of Photoshop?


Hi there!

I had answered your comment before but Itch erased it when I enable the community stuff, sorry!

So, I also assume it won't work on really old versions, but I can't say it for sure since I have no ways to test it here.


In the Photoshop 7.0 'Filters' directory, the files have the extension "8BF" -- is that still the case? If it is, I'll risk my five dollars and try it out


Oh, its an open filter, so you can edit its setting freely. Just adjustment layers and effects over a smart object. All accessible from the layers panel. The important part is that your version of photoshop has the Mosaic filter on it.  Check out LCDreamer from the inside. 


OK. There is a 'Mosaic' filter under the 'Filter|Pixelate' menu item, so I'll risk my five dollars and see how it goes. Thanks for the fast response


Some feedback for you. For me, there was good news and 'ok' news. The 'ok' news is, the photoshop filter 'kind of' worked -- I need to play around with it a bit more. The program actually opened your .psd file -- I didn't think it would -- and gave some sort of filtered output. So that was a surprise. The good news is I also have Affinity Designer, and the LCDreamer 'Affinity Photo' filter seemed to work alright with that. So, as they say, more research is needed...

I have CS6, so I'm hoping itll still work with that...


Let me know if it worked (but I think it will)!