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Good concept and art, but the game felt slow, and it was a bit lifeless without any audio

Good concept and implementation. The music fit perfectly and (besides the bug that cuts the game short) it was nice and smooth. I found the hills a bit frustrating without being able to affect the strength of a hit; maybe making the hills less punishing (or preventing the die from rolling over the hole) would have helped that.

As the others said, the game freezes when I try to jump. Would be nice to see some in-game menus and instructions, but anyway hard to judge in its current state :/

Excellent work, very polished! I got 2334 :)

Thanks! Yeah we would have liked to add sound effects as well

Very short with uninteresting level design. Has lots of potential though, with good art and music. I was able to beat the whole thing without using the dice power at all; making levels dependent on that mechanic would make it a lot more interesting.

Ah, yes, I can't believe I missed that in your instructions! Would be useful to have a prompt in-game.

Very engaging gameplay. I also hate snails, so it was lots of fun to blast 125 of them! Could use more variety (maybe some obstacles on the map) and a more solid connection to the theme, but still very well executed.

Looks cute but I can't get past the first text box to actually play :(

Could use more quality control; there are also a few typos in what I am able to see.

Really excellent work. Good concept and execution.

Fun concept, I especially like the different types of dice. I was able to block the computer's rolling area with one of the giant dice, making them miss all of their rolls :D

Nice work, especially on the die movement. Would have been more fun with harder puzzles

We had the same issues with the time constraints! Just jam problems :)

I think the mac build is broken, I get the below error when I try play:

“GMTK Jam” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

My fianceé recommended this to me, and I really like the art--it's a shame I'm not able to try it :/

Cool concept and good execution. I really like the art and I found the flying and shooting mechanics to be fun. I didn't like how the levels just sorta stopped, both in how the text pops up and how the boundaries of the space were just invisible walls that I kept running into. I got a bit lost in some levels and took a while to find the enemies. I liked the increasing difficulty, health pickups, and the effects on hits, though some audio feedback would be nice on that as well. Overall, excellent job!

I was a bit confused until I read the controls on the itch page; it would have been nice to have them somewhere in the game itself, especially since the art and text and everything fit your theme very well. As others have said, the controls are a bit clunky, especially the tether (the physics don't quite seem to work right), but overall it fits the space theme for it to be somewhat difficult. I tried a few times, but unfortunately the (web) game froze on my last try :(

Cute concept. Would have liked to see more complex object interactions instead of the platforming.

Great job! I liked the hectic vibe of the music while scrambling through the app to figure out who I'm talking to, and the sounds when people were talking was perfect.

I really dig the concept; it's a clever take on the theme. I really like the sound effects when you shoot the web. I wish there were a way to win (maybe stall long enough and some of the eggs hatch) but overall great job!