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What a neat little game!  Great idea and fantastic execution!  I'm surprised typing while platforming felt pretty good.  The spaceships felt a little overeager and jumping on slopes felt a little odd.  Otherwise great job!

Cute!  Good job making the bugs recognizable with so few pixels

Neat idea!  I had a lot of fun dodging the attacks and I liked that each wizard had a distinct pattern.  For using powers I just spammed the button when I felt like I was in trouble.  I just mashed the color button when I reached an attack spot as well.  I enjoyed it a lot even if I didn't feel like I was playing it correctly.  Great job!

The game looks great and I like the idea!  I found the controls a little to clunky to get very far, but it's a solid foundation.

This is a fantastic screen saver.  Great job!

I really enjoyed this!  I love all the visual upgrades to the boat and the physics felt great!  Getting an upgrade with a curse was a great way to add challenge.  Fantastic job!

This is fascinating!  I wasn't familiar with "Fruit Box" and this a wonderful rendition.  I think I actually prefer your simplification and use of color, although the music on "Fruit Box" is great.

I absolutely love the presentation on this one.  The characters are so cute!  The loading tips are fantastic too.   I kinda lost track of the managers when attacking them but everything else was smooth otherwise.  Fantastic job

I really wanted to give this a try but I found it too buggy and confusing to get very far.  I really like the idea and the art though.

Neat game!  I enjoy the theming and the art.  Adding a character to a brick breaker game is a cool idea.  The deflect felt a little delayed which made it hard to hit balls.  It felt like there was a lot of waiting around for the ball too.  Overall, it was fun though.  Great job!

I caught a stream of this game and I'm glad I checked out the full thing.  It took me a while to get used to the controls but I liked all the strategy in all the different tools.  Collecting a full line is really satisfying.  Great job!

There's some interesting ideas here.  I like the chill vibes and hitting different body parts was a neat idea.  Combat felt a bit simple and I couldn't figure it out.  Forging was fun but it took me a while to get into the rhythm of it.

Neat idea!  Really satisfying!  I like the art a lot too.  Great job!

Neat game!  I like the art.  The conversations were a lot of fun.  Great job!

Interesting idea!  Having each card be a summon and a passive is a great way to add utility.  The balance between summoning and boosting each lane has a lot of strategic possibilities.  I be curious what an expanded version of the game looks like. 

Cute game!  I like the character designs.  I picked up the stars but couldn't figure out what magic did.  Great job!

Cute monster!  The throwing is fun even if it takes a while to get a hang of.  For some reason I had better luck tossing the X potions.

Interesting!  I like the knights and the game runs smooth enough, although there is no challenge.  You've got a good frame going.

Great game!  The core mechanic is great and the level design is intuitive.  I only wish there were more levels and that some of the interactable were highlighted a bit more.

This was really fascinating!  It took me a bit to wrap my head around "Next" and "Previous" referring to ring positions, not the order I placed tokens.  It also took me a while to realize I was just gaining score, not trying to keep all the positions filled.  I like the simple graphics and the interplay of the tokens.  I kinda wish the tokens stayed separated when drawn.  Otherwise, I really like this!  Great job!


Neat game!  The pixel art is great, although I find the contrast on the floor tiles to be a bit distracting.  The enemies and different characters are great.  The aiming felt a little awkward but worked just fine.  Fantastic start!

Super cool!  I love the mechanic and the art.  It took me a little while to figure out when the growing happened but I really enjoyed it.  The optional flowers were a nice touch as well.  Fantastic job!

Fantastic game!  Found it a little easy but quite enjoyable.  I love the art the and soundtrack is great too.  Great job!

This really cool!  Buffing an enemies hand then stealing their hand is a fun idea.  There is a lot of really interesting card interactions happening already.  I did have a hard time getting a run going since I kept running into self nerf cards and opponent buffing cards though.  Really interested to see how this develops!

"Huh".  I really enjoyed this!  I never got used to the jumping but I enjoyed hopping around.  I like the use of color and the intricacies of of the environment.  It's a little bummer there's not more of a consequence to getting spotted but was a lot of fun nonetheless.  Great job!

Thanks for playing and for all the feedback!  I didn't get to finish this prototype for the jam and I'm not interested in updating it right now, but I'll keep your feedback in mind if I come back to this.

Great game!  Hitting the switches felt satisfying and intuitive.  The puzzle were fun to solve as well.  The platforming was a little finicky for me but otherwise fantastic job.

The new additions are great!  Got all the way up to building a lantern and only died once.  I like the reminder on the timers when they hit halfway too.  The only problem I had was with the controls.  Toggling between the inventory, grab mode, build mode, net mode, and different objects was a lot to handle.

Really neat idea!  Really enjoyed this.  I love the art.  Great job!

Great little game!  Love the pixel art and music!

The basic battle system feels really solid!  Looking forward to seeing how this comes along.

Great game!  I love the pixel art and the music!  The ignore slider was a nice touch.  I wish the camera was attached to the slider rather than the hook since it gave me motion sickness the deeper I got.  I stopped aiming at deeper levels too.  I got to the eels before calling it quits.  Fun idea, well execute though!

Great game!  I enjoy the cozy vibes and the puzzles were really well done.

This was awesome!  The character designs are so good and it feels polished.  Fantastic job!

I love the components and the theming.  Seems like a good mash up of checkers and Chinese checkers.

Another awesome game!  The abilities of the pieces being determined by their location in or out of the thicket is a really neat idea.  The components you used look great too.  I'll second that comment to pursue pitching and publishing some of these ideas.

I was coming across those upgrades so I thought that might be the case.  I still think it wouldn't hurt to surface some of that sooner or at least find a way to cut down on unnecessary clicking.

Interesting idea!  The game looks polished and I like all the info on the pause screen.  I like the build options and the deck upgrades.  I do feel a bit of a mismatch with the main combat though, where I don't feel like I'm making impactful decisions and mostly randomly clicking on graves.  Personally I would like to see more lanterns to make give it more of a "Minesweeper" feel, but you could do an auto picker as well.  Looking forward to updates!

It was the last level where I got stuck in-between some balls.