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Recent community posts is the industry standard for art portfolios. It also supports embedding 3D models with movement controls to look around the model (as an example: click the play button on the second image from the top), cheers.

Unreal Engine

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I'd suggest checking out Wine or VirtualBox, they might help running Windows games on OSX to give feedback and increase the odds your own entry might get more visibility as a result.

Wine is a compatibility layer which in theory lets you run Windows application on Unix systems like OSX, Virtual Box is a full fledged virtual machine so you'd run Windows in a window within OSX. Not sure how either would perform with games tho.

Finally, usually some people submit web embedded games you can play regardless of the OS, so maybe you can just give feedback on those, and any OSX native game if there will be any.

Hi there! I was thinking of participating in this jam, I just had a few questions:

  1. does this jam allow the use of royalty free/legally obtained visual/audio assets?
    or is it more of a "only own made assets during the jam period" type of jam?
  2. am I allowed to submitting my entry to multiple jams? 
    I'm also taking part in the Unexpected Jam running almost concurrently with this one, so I was thinking of working within both time constrains on an entry fitting both jams.
  3. will there be a time period following the deadline, where my page will be locked and I won't able to upload new build until the period ends? 
    (usually a voting period that some jams have while other do not)

Unreal. Engine. 4!!!

What about sourcing and retargetting animations from Mixamo? Is that allowed or should animations be made during the jam period?

glad you like the concept! the game turned out kinda overscoped, so I kinda threw random blocks into the level at the end (luckily the collectible tiles and checkpoints are placed procedurally at least).

I definitely hope to have time to work on some post jam content later on :D

 very glad you like it xD can’t take credit for the rocket tho, pretty much ripped the idea from rayman 2 :p

Thanks for trying my game!
There is actually a small dot on the head of the enemy head when you locked on them, unfortunately it's hard to see because of the lighting.
As explained in the full game page, I was trying to build a combat system based on tight TIMING of your actions, like the Souls games have.

I really think the concept behind the puzzles in the first 2 rooms is great and takes full advantage of being a VR game.
The final room felt more like an escape room, which is not necessarily bad and I see you had to fit more of the multi use tool theme in there, but I really wish I could see more puzzle rooms like the first 2.
I love the graphics a lot too! If I had to give what I think could be a point of improvement, it felt  a bit too busy with bright colours to me personally, and I wish the interactible objects would pop out a bit more, since at first I was struggling to tell at a glance what I was supposed to pick up and move around, and what was just static set dressing.
Overall an amazing job!

Thanks a lot!
I checked out your game too it's very clever, I also have a Vive so I can't say much about compatibility on different platforms, but I'm also leaving some feedback in your comment sections over there.

Thanks for playing our build, glad you liked our environment!
I checked out and left a rating for your game too, really spooky environment <3

Let me know how it goes with the other build :D

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Oculus Rift fix:
We noticed the build we submitted presents a bug on certain headsets such as Oculus Rift, this link is to an identical build with a bug fix.

It's okay, I'm really bad with optimisation xD
Thanks for giving it a shot anyways :P

It's okay, as user Handy Corpse pointed out as well below in the comment section I've made use of an asset pack I bought for characters and environment, and in compliance with the jam's rule 'All assets  are allowed - as long as you have a license to use it' all other visual and audio assets are sourced: particle effects and post processing shaders are from packs, audio has been sourced from various sources, animations are from

Thank you very much for the feedback, I'll definitely expand on the AI if I come back to this project.
As for the blending between characters and environment, I do agree but there is no much I can do to address that feedback I'm afraid, as I am no visual artist and you pointed out I did not make the assets in the first place.

I do disagree however with the feedback about the theme not being present, enemies spawn out of dimensional 'holes' coming out of the ground, and the whole narrative of the game revolves around fighting the invaders coming out of these holes.
I do think it can be unclear how they are there if the player gets to an enemy after their spawn effect is vanished, and I only realised when I was making the video for the game's page that it would be 100x times more clear those are holes if I rotated the round hole to be facing the camera view instead of laying on the ground, like you see in that video.


I worked on the project by myself for a about half the week; I wish I could have spent more time on it and consider trying to make low poly assets myself, but sadly I was busy for most of the work days.
As other people pointed out the art assets, level, and some of the vfx were from an asset packs I own, since the rules do encourage to use such resources and I am not a visual artist.

What really helped me speeding up the implementation of certain mechanics was having previous experience and therefore a good know how in developing those type of game mechanics; I usually tend to look at my own previous code, and use it as a reference to develop a better and more robust implementation of the same feature, while avoiding the road bumps encountered when first trying to prototype a type of game mechanic I never worked on before.

Thanks! I definitely will keep on :D

Fun behind the scene fact,  I literally implemented the arrow during the last hour of the jam, basically I realised that my AI could wander off into tiny corners of that map, I had no time to improve the AI, so I just tried adding a compass, the upload for the new build actually finished post deadline, but luckily I could submit anyways since it had started before the deadline xD
I'll definitely polish it up once voting period is over.

Thanks! Although  I got the assets from an asset pack I bought, I'm no artist and I worked don this jam alone xD

Also yeah, unfortunately the second type of enemies (floating little ones) do not register when destroyed, so the game gets stuck on the first wave with them.
I hope I'll find some time to make a patch for that now that the voting period is ending.

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

As you pointed out unfortunately the level is not completable

I underestimated how challenging and time consuming level building and set dressing were going to be, even had to restart when I realised the asset packs I planned to use were unfit for this type of gameplay, and swapped to a landscape tool instead which was also not ideal.

So by the end as I had to scrap several planned gameplay elements I had no time to code anymore, and I forgot to rework that section with the moving platform RIP xD

Looking forward to the new update! Keep up the good work :P

Definitely one of the most original interpretations of the theme I've seen yet, and as a narrative oriented experience I enjoyed it quite a lot, and I appreciate the replayability value.
I liked the general humour and meta jokes in particular, the writing was very good all throughout, the audio comportment the game relies on is impeccable and the person voicing the narrator did a very good job, and together with the writing really helped making the personality of the narrating character come across.
I've found the art direction quite pleasant looking and consistent, and the set dressing for the level to be quite well done.

If I'd have to point out flaws in this product:
- I'll probably criticise how the main mechanic feels "weird" as I'd find myself holding left click while moving my mouse over a word several times before it would finally be absorbed,
- and I had a couple of audio glitches: once the narrator kept repeating a line about flowers in loop until I reached the next location, and when I restarted the game from the end screen the narrator kept playing his end game audio while also playing the game start audio at the same time.

I've found this game to be a fun and creative almost psychedelic experience
I see myself showing this to my friends as a little cool thing to be honest xD

As a game it's quite simple but it works, it's a shame you only had one hour because with such a simple set of mechanics you could made quite a few more cool level here I think.
Graphics are of course extremely basic, but they definitely do reinforce the whole trippy experience especially combined with the 'move while camera rotates' mechanic, and I honestly think it was very clever to go this direction given your personal time constraint, well done!

Quite an interesting game, the base concept is very solid and makes good uses of the theme, and for what I played the puzzle design also seems good.
I find fascinating the idea of implementing the concept as a isometric puzzle platformer, which is a genre which was quite popular in the past but not really explored  nowadays.
The art style it's consistent and very readable, I also kind of like how it's not really low poly but has more of a dated vibe to it, reminding me of the CGI cutscenes in some PC games from the 90s, which I think really fits the isometric puzzle platformer which I believe was popular around that time, so it all kinds of fit together in that regard.

2 things I believe could be improved here for me would be onboarding, and character feel.
- the game for me was quite hard to pick up at first, I did not find intuitive I was supposed to walk to the coloured wheel on the wall, and hold the left mouse button to  display a wheel around the cursor to select the power to use, once I had figured that out the symbols work pretty wheel to understand which power to use, but because the wheel on the wall would have no reaction when I'd approach it was not clear I had to be next to it and it was not just set dressing, and because the rest of the game is played with keyboard keys, I was clueless I was supposed to hold the mouse button, especially because the game being a platformer I had moved my mouse cursor into a corner, as my assumption from having played platforming games before was I'd not need to use the mouse, and nothing from the game told me otherwise, I also checked the game page and the content of the downloadable zip for a readme file hoping for a control sheet of sorts.
- the controls of the character in my opinion are not perfectly suited for a platformer; due to the camera perspective I could not really tell most of the time if was going to land on a hovering platform or if my alignment was off, and the controls in mid air felt quite unreliable, in a platforming game I'd usually be able to maneuver my character mid air and look below for my shadow to see where I'd land, but in this case the physics of the character felt very stiff and would not really allow me to do so, the landing also feel very punishing, in platforming games especially 3D ones usually the physics of the character is forgiving and would adjust itself to make the player succeed when the player is partially reaching a platform (an extreme case of this would be ledge grabbing mechanics), while in this game the character feels like it would often fall into the void even when it looks like it should be landing on the intended platform, and in one case I saw the character literally slip onto a floating platform and fall in front of them

I'll greatly appreciate some feedback on my game, thanks! :D

It's quite an interesting game, the graphics are nice and consistent, the music fits very well, the game has good variety and interesting design.

However, I really disliked the way the shooting in this game.
When aiming, if I held the shooting button for too long, my character would do a melee attack, and it felt bald because to do a perfect shot I'd need to hold for exactly the right time, and if I accidentally take too long to release the button, I'll end up doing a melee attack having wasted time charging the shot for nothing.
Additionally, as I kept playing I got the feel that my character would interrupt charging a shot into a melee attack earlier and earlier during the charging process, to a point where I did not feel like I could rely on charging a shot anymore, and at some point the gun got stuck on the sprite where the blue shot is coming out of the gun, overall shooting felt very buggy and unpolished.

Cool game dude, I wrote some feedback on your game submission page.

Here's my game btw, I'd appreciate if you could give it a shot!

I've found this game quite interesting, the mechanics are easy enough to grasp and can make quite a bit of fan.
Graphics are very prototype-y but I think they work very well and kinda add to the atmosphere of the game, really liked the evil red eyes in the background.

Now as for points of improvement I would have have for this game:

  • Please add an outline to the UI counter for remaining enemies in the level, currently it becomes unreadable as it blends in with the light from the red glowy eyes in the background, which is a shame because it is very handy in later levels.
  • It is cool that you tried to add some narrative, but I think you could have used that time to polish some other elements in this game; narrative is far from necessary in a game, and in this case it felt like clutter I had to skip through before I could get to the gameplay.
  • Generally I feel this game could use for a bit more of player feedback; it is kinda hard to tell most of the time what happens when you attack an enemy, I think some particles, sound effects, and maybe camera shake could improve that

I'd love if you'd have a moment to try my game :D

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I hoped to make playable area to be a bit more vertical, but I didn't have time to change the default map too much in the end.

Also the game does not register flying enemies deaths properly, so it is not possible to progress further in the current build sadly.

Sounds great! Would love to get some feedback from you and all your viewers. 

Here's my game:

Not sure if you're still rating games, but here's mine:

This is mine, I'd love to know what you think :D

I'm glad you like it!
Enemy spawning is kinda buggy, sometimes not all enemies will spawn, currently the only solution is closing and restart the game unfortunately.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked my game.

I'll make sure to implement video and audio settings in the nearby future.

As for the game controls, the game is mainly intended to be used with a controller, so no much thought has been placed into the keyboard controls at this stage.

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it xD

Hey lovely people!
Hope you're all having fun with our game :P

We spotted a couple of minor cosmetic bugs in our jam build, and promptly rolling out  a patch.

We will be upload the patch on once the Epic Megajam voting period is over.
Meanwhile, feel free download a patched build from the following link (Google Drive)!

I have played the game a few times so far, both with other people at first, to have the "talk with another person reading the manual" experience, and later by myself to have a better understanding of how this feels as a whole.

I do like the basic concept of having to cooperate with another person in real life to solve puzzles, it reminds me of "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes", but your interpretation is a very original take on that.
Plus on the implementation side, the system has a huge variety, so it always gives the player a fresh experience, and there is no risk a player might just memorise how to beat a scenario by memory.

Now on the flip side though, as I mentioned I played this game with other people at first, and none of the people I played with, myself included, could understand what the manual was trying to convey.
Now this is a common issue with board games, manuals are almost never clear to new players, and usually you must have one person who already knows the game to explain it, and only refer to the manual to look up specific rule cases.
So do not worry too much about this, but for the future keep in mind you might want to make it more clear how the info you are conveying translates to what happens in game, such as placing the door numbers in the game, or having simple drawings in the manual visually explaining the process of checking the doors in the right order against the conditions, for example.

Another critic I have towards the game as I played it, is that it seems to lack focus.
Between one door choice and the other there are small mazes, however those mazes are far too simple to be an actual challenge, there is no way you would get lost, so it more of a chore to keep walking until you are through, they add nothing to the gameplay, and they kinda take away from theme and setting since it makes no sense for a delivery guy to go through a maze out of the blue.
My suggestion would be to drop having both the door choice and the maze, and just focus on the doors but variate how that is presented through use of the theme, for example: "you are on a street with 5 buildings, you gotta figure out which building to go in through the manual, you reach an elevator and you gotta figure out which floor to go to with the manual, finally you gotta again check the manual to figure the room number at which to deliver the order".

+ really dig the talk to person IRL idea
+ multiple door puzzles look solid
- manual could be more straight forward
- mazes feel unnecessary filler 

So, to me this game feels a bit of a mixed bag.

On one hand, you have a lot of good stuff:
- lots of good mechanics which work very well together (standard 2D platforming, dimension switching, floating chasing enemies affected by the switching, etc.), and seem overall robust in the way they are built
- level based progression, with narrative to keep player hooked
- a good and consistent art style

On the other hand, the design seems all over the place:
- the choice of providing no default gamepad support is very odd for a platforming game
- the difficulty ramps up very quickly, the lack of checkpoints mixed with the amount of "moments" or "platforming challenges" you encounter in each level can make it quite frustrating in my opinion
- the game camera also creates issues with that, as it feels way too close to the character compared to the level layout, most often you cannot see what is ahead of you, meaning you will  be more likely to fail a given part of the level, unless you played already through it and died to know that to expect

To summarise, I do believe that this game is very strong when it comes to visuals and amount of content, however I feel it suffers from a few flaws in some design choices that were made.

Ahah, thanks :D

I'd have wanted to be multiplayer too, sadly I was doing the gamejam on my own, it can be very difficult make a properly balanced multiplayer game without regular playtesting.

I might work implement multiplayer support in the future, hoping I get some free time lol