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Confronting the monsters will usually end in death. Use the environment to hide and try to move behind them.

Currently at 17 ratings.

A nice game version of a classic riddle. It starts off simple enough, but through its four levels more mechanics and introduced. I think a few QoL changed could improve the experience:

- Why not reset the level as soon as something dies? Or at least prompt the user to restart it by overlaying a "Game over". As far as I can tell you can't win whenever something is eaten.

- An undo button would be great, since this riddle benefits from some experimentation, although I can see how the game could just become a lot of trial and error then.

- Maybe some way to differentiate the "win" side of the river so people know that's the goal. Perhaps some type of farmhouse or even a flag.

- Being able to drag an animal on top of the animal that's already on the boat should swap them in my opinion.

- Some sort of counter for the "Kill in 2 turns" mechanic. Hard to keep track by yourself.

I'm going on a rating spree in about an hour too. Would love a comment more than anything :)

This certainly has a potential. I have a couple of negatives:

1 - I think it could have done with a few more levels at least. You introduce new mechanics but never explore them much (enemies, keys, walljumps).

2 - The running seems to be this way intentionally, but I don't get the point since you can just cheese it just by alternating left/right and build up momentum. I'd go for a simpler but still tight horizontal movement.

Creative, but please dial down the acceleration