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All the mechanics work as you'd expect them to and I enjoy the balls rolling into infinity. It's a shame the only the gun get transported when the player collides with the white areas and it would be useful to have a cross hair. Over all I had a good time playing it though you kight want to fix the download and pun compressing issues.

Both the Gun and Health worked without a problem and the pause function worked like a charm. With pickup for some reason when I dropped the cylinder it would sometimes fall to the side and the UI was a bit to close to the centre. Overall it's a really good tool box with only a few minor bugs. 👍

I think I've eliminated all the bugs. PROVE ME WRONG!

If possible play with a negatively 1920 x 1080 display due to relation issues with the main menu.

The last shooting level was really fun, I really enjoyed the reloading and mechanic and the target health display. The most prevalent bug was the AI mounting but that count become a feature no?

The teleport mechanic was really fun and seemed to have use in many situations though I found the health display to be a bit weird  because it included decimals. Also the damage object fell over and rolled away when I walked in to it.

I didn't see any bugs whilst playing this and it was fun to player, I'd say the only thing that trough me off was that you can't look up and down in the maze.

I think the mini challenges for each level are really cool and that the mechanics them self's. The way you've demonstrated the pick up behaviour is really cool. I did find the camera sensitivity to be extremely high but that may be a problem on my end and for some reason in the maze level the gun didn't seem to do anything ageist the enemies.