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I'm still going to keep trying to get a dedicated artist, but I'll watch the video and keep trying to improve in the meantime, this is all pretty new to me

Thanks for the feedback and giving it another chance. The jumping is like that intentionally, it's like the older Castlevania games or StarTropics. I'm not sure what to do about the background other than get an artist, which I've been trying to do.

it's fixed now

thanks, I'll fix it right now

thank you, I've noted all the feedback and will act on it

I may skip next demo day to make sure there are more significant changes to the game for the next demo

Air dashes were not infinite, good to know there's no bug.

I think the resolution I settled on was 1280x720. I didn't examine resource usage.

I think I grabbed a different version or something, those ghost enemies looked different in the demo I played and the third level didn't look like that, and I think the game page has been changed since I downloaded it. That said, no I haven't played Super Meat Boy or similar games before other than some other people's demos. Maybe if I'd played it with a controller the acceleration and direction changing wouldn't seem so jarring, but I didn't feel like it setting it up. The game is also quite a bit smoother in that video, so maybe my system had to do with it.

I'm pretty sure I did set it to keyboard. I figured out jumping and climbing and moving both cursors, but I couldn't figure out how to actually attack, W A and D didn't seem to do anything.

You've got a marvelous look and feel going on here, the graphical and musical style is great, the rest could use some polish. I think I understand where you're coming from with the general feel of the mechanics and I like them for the most part, but it feels clunky in some places. Attacking feels wonky in a way that's hard to describe, but that could be me or the enemies-- the lack of bodily collision with them feels weird either way. Jumping is a bit of an issue, there's always a recovery time before you can move again, and it's long enough that it's often noticeable. The animation and coding for getting off the top of ladders could use some work, and a dedicated dash button would be helpful because if you try to dash near a ladder you'll attach yourself to it, meaning you'll actually lose time by having to climb back up. Energy bullets claim to cost 1 energy but they actually cost 2. The tutorial is good, but it would be better to explain the UI too-- I figured it out but if you spell out some things for the player and there's something that you miss that they don't get it'll be that much more frustrating. This might seem small, but the text bothered me, it has some typos and it doesn't have much capitalization or punctuation-- except holy shit does it have ellipses. Having three text boxes in a row with just ellipses was annoying enough once, but you did it multiple times, and kept starting and ending with ellipses, it's like the character is falling asleep. Still, I quite like the general feel of the presentation and mechanics.

I couldn't figure out how to get anywhere with the keyboard and mouse, even when looking at the controls-- some explanation of how the mechanics work would be good, assuming the keyboard and mouse controls do work.

You've got quite a decent setup going here so far. With this much dialog I don't know if this game will be my kind of thing but it seems as functional as the game mechanics, which is to say it does the job. The mechanics are actually pretty trivial once you figure them out-- am I supposed to be able to jump and dash upward infinitely? The game also didn't run too well on my system, even after lowering the graphical quality and the resolution (I have a shitbox but it is at least a recent shitbox, from ~2 years ago).

There's not a lot here, but you know that. I'm not sure which debug option it was or if it happened on its own, but something made the game really slow after I tried pressing the debug keys. Jumps are unlimited, as in you can not just double jump but triple jump and so on, I don't know if that was intentional. Otherwise it's a bit floaty but it seems to work fine.

The controls are way too slippery for my liking, mostly due to the high horizontal speed and the fact it goes from full stop to full speed immediately. I couldn't figure out the third level or how to get the collectible in the second level, and the tension involved in making the wall jumps actually made my hand hurt. However, other than the level design being hard to read or the controls being hard to understand, it seems to all be functioning as intended. I would recommend the keyhole/doorway change in some way (or just appear in the first place) once you've beaten the enemies to indicate you can go in it, at least for the first level.

I was interested in this but it turned into a slideshow on my shitbox (which ran most demos just fine) and there were no options I could access to try to make it run better.

The weapons seemed a bit off but otherwise I liked it. The music pretty seems reminiscent of Marathon so you nailed the 2.5D music feel (if there is such a thing).

Enemies are easy? I had people say it was too hard before, all I've done since then is to slow down the boss enemy a bit and to actually also slow down attacking slightly. Puzzle elements are an intriguing idea. What do you mean the fact there's an attack button is unintuitive, is it the placement of it?

Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback, it'll be helpful.

The next demo will definitely have more forgiving scrolling and fall damage, and I'll look at increasing the jump speed. The keyboard controls were just sort of thrown together to be easily reached with one hand, I was planning on mapping some of them to the directions, so I guess I'll do that for the next demo.

The fixed jumping is very much influenced by classic Castlevania. I like how that style makes the game predictable and gets you to plan your actions and know how the game controls, and it makes the game different from a lot of others, so it won't be changed much. You can actually slow down your horizontal momentum a bit by attacking while in the air. I might introduce more air movement at a later date.

After you got to the end your jump height was increased, that's why you started taking fall damage from normal jumps-- in the next release that will be more evident, and it'll be clear how fall damage fits the game further down the road. I'll also try to make a more proper ending for the next demo, or the one after that.

The stairs being able to be walked through are influenced by Castlevania too, but they're also important to player choice, which is something I really want to explore with this game. I'll have optional platforms that are only reachable by stairs, and I'll probably have branching paths in some places (levels themselves will definitely be branching).

The player's hitbox for enemy collisions actually is smaller than the player sprite, but only by a few a pixels; I may shrink it further in the future.

edit: will also look at size presentation and full-screen support

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that's really weird, thank you for telling me

can you give me more details? a screenshot would be great but a description would help too

no one's reported issues with previous builds of the game, and there's no networking code active or anything that could modify another program, so I don't know what could be tripping it, but I'll look into it

yes, the Castlevania feel was intentional

for the visual theme, I'm not quite sure, but it'll definitely be more subdued and "realistic" than what you see here

thanks for playing and commenting

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well this would be more to have a usable animation, I don't expect it to look very good, but we'll see how it goes

saw this the other day, wasn't sure what I wanted to say, then forgot about it

the movement gimmick will involve being sort of grounded

I've looked all around for sample versions, free versions, preview versions, any way of getting the sprites I need, they're just not there; I'm going to try some ghetto rotoscoping of myself doing the required movements

Sorry to take so long, I'm still not used to getting feedback.

Having multiple bindings for the same key is intentional, in case someone wants multiple functions per key-- several times I've been frustrated at a game preventing that and requiring me to memorize more keys.

The climb function will be more useful in the final game.

Jumps don't kill your momentum, they preserve it. If you are holding a direction when you press jump you'll jump in that direction. The trick is you can't change direction in the air, so you have to plan your jumps. It's not too hard to jump to the floating platform.

That's a good idea about the attack ability. The standard attack will have more verticality in the final game, but I may use that idea anyway.

Thank you for your feedback.

Castlevania was actually the initial inspiration. I stopped trying to clone it a long time ago but it still inspires me.

The moving vs. attacking thing is a good idea balance-wise and it fits with what I'm going for.

The graphics are all placeholders. I might want to keep one or two sprites, but I want some actual art. I'm no artist, and I can't seem to get an artist to stick around.

The goal is to make a game based around a specific kind of movement, you could call it a gimmick but as far as I can tell it's never been done before. It also lends itself to certain other aspects of the game, such as how weapons and upgrades would work. It's hard to code for the movement I have in mind with out sprites and animations, and again I'm pretty hopeless at making them myself, and I can't find what I need anywhere.

Thanks for the feedback.