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You've got a marvelous look and feel going on here, the graphical and musical style is great, the rest could use some polish. I think I understand where you're coming from with the general feel of the mechanics and I like them for the most part, but it feels clunky in some places. Attacking feels wonky in a way that's hard to describe, but that could be me or the enemies-- the lack of bodily collision with them feels weird either way. Jumping is a bit of an issue, there's always a recovery time before you can move again, and it's long enough that it's often noticeable. The animation and coding for getting off the top of ladders could use some work, and a dedicated dash button would be helpful because if you try to dash near a ladder you'll attach yourself to it, meaning you'll actually lose time by having to climb back up. Energy bullets claim to cost 1 energy but they actually cost 2. The tutorial is good, but it would be better to explain the UI too-- I figured it out but if you spell out some things for the player and there's something that you miss that they don't get it'll be that much more frustrating. This might seem small, but the text bothered me, it has some typos and it doesn't have much capitalization or punctuation-- except holy shit does it have ellipses. Having three text boxes in a row with just ellipses was annoying enough once, but you did it multiple times, and kept starting and ending with ellipses, it's like the character is falling asleep. Still, I quite like the general feel of the presentation and mechanics.

Thank you for your feedback.