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Project Peg-leg 0.17View game page

An in-development action sidescroller
Submitted by General Vagueness (@Gen_Vagueness) — 4 minutes, 25 seconds before the deadline

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Very simple but good demo. Controls and physics feel good, remind me a lot of NES Castlevanias so I'm assuming you took a lot of inspiration from them. 
A few observations: 
  • Camera shouldn't move up when the player jumps unless they are too close to the top of the screen.
  • Player hitbox could be a little smaller, as you can "stand" on your tail at the edge of platforms with your feet on the air.
  • I'm assuming the graphics are placeholders, but colors are a little bright and clash to much. 
  • In Castlevania the player stops walking when you attack adding a little bit of difficulty since you have to plan your movements better and choose if you are going to attack or move (Again, I'm assuming you are aiming for something similar to those games)

You have a really solid base to make a very good game. I'm already interested on what this will become. Do you have any specific goal or idea in mind? I would love to know. Good job!


Castlevania was actually the initial inspiration. I stopped trying to clone it a long time ago but it still inspires me.

The moving vs. attacking thing is a good idea balance-wise and it fits with what I'm going for.

The graphics are all placeholders. I might want to keep one or two sprites, but I want some actual art. I'm no artist, and I can't seem to get an artist to stick around.

The goal is to make a game based around a specific kind of movement, you could call it a gimmick but as far as I can tell it's never been done before. It also lends itself to certain other aspects of the game, such as how weapons and upgrades would work. It's hard to code for the movement I have in mind with out sprites and animations, and again I'm pretty hopeless at making them myself, and I can't find what I need anywhere.

Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry for the late reply.
Yeah you nailed Castlevania's feel very closely, that's always good in my book.
I'm now very curious about the movement gimming and how stuff will work around it, sounds really interesting.
Have you tried using "stolen" sprites and animations as placeholders until you get the real assets? It could help you a lot with the stuff that's difficult to code without a visual reference.
Anyway, the project sounds really promising so I think you will find an artist eventually.


saw this the other day, wasn't sure what I wanted to say, then forgot about it

the movement gimmick will involve being sort of grounded

I've looked all around for sample versions, free versions, preview versions, any way of getting the sprites I need, they're just not there; I'm going to try some ghetto rotoscoping of myself doing the required movements

Don't worry, that happens all the time to me.
Sounds really interesting, can't wait to see that gimmick working in game. I personally love rotoscoped sprites, they remind me of Prince of Persia and Karateka, two wonderful games I used to play a lot as a kid. 

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

well this would be more to have a usable animation, I don't expect it to look very good, but we'll see how it goes