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Thanks for the feedback and giving it another chance. The jumping is like that intentionally, it's like the older Castlevania games or StarTropics. I'm not sure what to do about the background other than get an artist, which I've been trying to do.

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You could use PyxelEdit to create backrounds and tiles. I'm was horrible at art stuff but after learning some really basic truths about making tiles I can make them look a lot better. If you understand WHY you have to put a pixel in a certain place, it makes drawing a lot easier.

If you take some time out to learn the basics I'm certain you can make stuff look decent, even if you're crap at art, like me. With those basic rules you can approach the problems with a more 'mathematical' viewpoint rather than a creative one.

This video helped me understand some basic things



I'm still going to keep trying to get a dedicated artist, but I'll watch the video and keep trying to improve in the meantime, this is all pretty new to me