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Yeah, totally understandable since the game itself doesn't have a win condition yet, just the enemies themselves. 

jajaja yeah, It definitely needs a different sprite for the bullets 

I do have the code on GitHub but in a private repo, however, I only used IPFS to host the image for the NFT, I did not used any kind of API to interact with IPFS due to lack of time to implement taking the NFT image from the game itself and then uploading it.

That being said, I can give access to the repo if needed :P 

Yeah I totally agree with that the feedback for hit is lacks some key aspects, I'll do my best to update it after the results are reveal. Thanks for your feedback!

Pretty nice game, I liked the mechanics, maybe the only feedback I can give is to keep improving how you swap the bits, since I'm already using the arrow keys to move it would be nice if I can use them to swap the bits too.. I was playing without a mouse available and using the track pad was not comfortable.

Fun game, I liked it, specially the music and sfx

I'm glad you liked the character! 

I'll do my best to try and update the game post the voting period of the jam.


I totally agree!, one of the things to fix post voting. Thanks for checking it out!

You are totally right, the right animation has more key frames than the left one, because it was taking me too long to create them and while I know if I invested more time on polishing them it will contribute to a better feel for the game, I might have not have enough time to dive into decentralization , explore and learn about it which was the main thing I wanted to do. 

I even scrapped the smash animation because it was gonna feel clunky without giving proper polish. The backhand needs more key frames and polish to feel better. 

I also had to scrape particles emission when hitting the ball and also make it look like you hit the ball which will might have gave a more satisfying feel to every hit .

But once the voting time ends I'll try to update things like that and try to make the "toy" feel better and polished by adding more shot variations and player movement so theres a foundation to build a more solid game around it.

Thanks for your feedback!


Simple and well executed. Liked it

I also wish there was more 😔 jajaja thanks for checking it out! I hope I'll be able to continue developing it after the voting ends.

I loved the art and the animation in the start screen, nice job there.

I liked it, I always enjoy CLI games. The only feedback that I think I can give is that every time the user press enter with a command it should print the following text section by section because I also get lost where do I have to read after I send a command. Other than that nice game.

Yeah, also I'm not that good at bullet hell games jajaja but looking forward for updates in the future!

I really liked the game and thank you for introducing me to rhythm bullet hell games, for some reason I never stumbled upon games like this and after googling a bit I found other games I would like to try. 

But coming back to your game, even when I died several times  jajaja I found it relaxing and played for like 40min, I couldn't passed from the spiral yellow triangles though.

Hey thanks for trying it out! it is a relief to see that the minting works jajaja since it was my first time implementing something like that.

Nah, I'm going full web with this one lol, I'm learning the WebGL route now to be ready to get into the WebGPU one once it is ready for production. While I fully understand why native apps are better for game in a technical way, I'm just sick of dealing with app stores, having to be up to date with their policies and to wait days to get a hot fix update going when I just want to put games out there jajaja also, I like the limitations of webGL because it keeps me away from the scope creep that have taken the life of previous projects of mine. 

BTW Thanks for passing by jajaja, feel free to come check back once in a while I hope to have a new build soon (and by soon I mean (and hope) before the rating period closes 🤞), this time with some actual gameplay.   

Hey Yuminous, thanks, you totally nailed it when explaining the concept for the rhythm battle system that we want for the game and I agree with you, the core interactive part of an RPG is its battle system so the prototype should focus on that... normally, but since I read that DevTalk community focused on visual novels was going to collaborate for the jam I though there will be a lot of people interested in good stories so I guess that influenced me to focus in the story, but, again you are right, in fact I already have a bare bones rhythm system there, just not accessible yet (Thanks to this awesome tutorial written in C#) so yeah I hope to have a prototype battle system running soon so come check out once in a while maybe it will be there. I'll do my best to update as often as possible but I can't promise consistent progress for now.


hey thanks! I also hope I can find the time to finish it lol. I just made a small progress before going to bed, so feel free to pass by again once in a while, it might be some more significant progress by then :P

Hey weckar thanks for passing by, yeah there's literally nothing to do yet lol. but yeah I agree I like the concept too for that reason I'll keep working on it despite I didn't made it in time for the jam, so come check once in a while for updates, there may be something new. I'm planning making some progress tonight but I can't promise regular updates because work. 

A very basic rhythm system is already in there just not accessible yet so it should not be hard to get something going in that area soon, just time consuming :P  

Skydive and perform dance moves while you fall indefinitely in a mysterious void in the sky.   

  1. Extreme Dance Battles!
  2. Defeat enemies and destroy obstacles to progress in the game.
  3. Defeat a dragon and unveil the mysteries of the void.
  • Screenshots

Thanks for checking it out!

Hi everyone 0/

Summary of the game

Yesterday I uploaded a prototype for a basic quasi procedural system made using Gdevelop here on and it also has a power mixing mechanic similar to the one in Kirby for the N64. you can check it out here: Armony Code Prototype

Here a couple of gifs from it:

I had the opportunity to show this and other projects that I have made during a convention at my country called Megacon HN and here are a few pics of people plating it:

The future of this project?

I'll decide in a few days if I'll finish this game or another one that I'll already have a prototype for so in the meanwhile check it out and let me know on the comment section if you want to see it developed further.

Thanks for reading! 

Great! Thanks! ^_^ /

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^/

jajaja yeah thes boss is quiet challenging but we are glad you had a fun time, Thanks for playing! ^_^/

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoy it ^_^ / jajaja and yeah we wanted to do a challenging final boss battle

Thanks! 0/

jajaja I smile when the cats dropped the cups because they we angry jajaja

I really like the art!

Scored 62 jajaja

Liked it!

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Hi everyone!

I just participated on the Short and Sweet Jam and wanted to share here my entry since it's my first game published here on . It was made in 2 weeks and features a quasi procedural system.


The game is about a clumsy angel that was in charge to bring the tea bags for the tea party and ended dropping them on hell. Now she has to collect all the 10 bags before she drops out from heaven.

Link to game: Heaven's Tea Party


It's hard to control the character in the hanging platforms, the shadow under the character is hard to see so I was thinking I was going to land in a place but then I was far away from where I thought I was going to land, also the character feels like floating when jumping. But just stuffs that can be easy to adjust. In general I had fun playing it :) 

I really liked it, it has some clever level design.  if you improve the controls it can be really fun ^_^.