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Armony Code - Prototype

A topic by Gelo Studio created Nov 13, 2017 Views: 105
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Hi everyone 0/

Summary of the game

Yesterday I uploaded a prototype for a basic quasi procedural system made using Gdevelop here on and it also has a power mixing mechanic similar to the one in Kirby for the N64. you can check it out here: Armony Code Prototype

Here a couple of gifs from it:

I had the opportunity to show this and other projects that I have made during a convention at my country called Megacon HN and here are a few pics of people plating it:

The future of this project?

I'll decide in a few days if I'll finish this game or another one that I'll already have a prototype for so in the meanwhile check it out and let me know on the comment section if you want to see it developed further.

Thanks for reading!