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Thank you!

The issue was a product of me rushing the feature out on the last day and I made a couple small errors, but that’s just kinda how things go sometimes. I’m glad you enjoyed it regardless.

Glad you enjoyed it!

It wasn’t intentional per se to be able to move it, just a consequence of me forgetting to turn off the intractable setting, but your health doesn’t actually change if you adjust the bar.

Yeah, we were working very tight to the deadline, so some small QoL stuff like that wasn’t able to make it in, unfortunately.

That was definitely intentional, and definitely not a slight oversight on my part.

Though to be fair, moving it won’t actually change your health. :P

Glad you enjoyed the animations!

Thank you for the feedback!

Glad you enjoyed the fighting, it was one of my first times trying to do this kind of game, so I definitely learned a lot. I did notice the blood attack and bite bugs, but I'll be patching that later today. And yeah, the Satyr was my favourite enemy to make. I'm glad that it ended up being a good challenge!

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks for the feedback; I definitely wanted to do both of those suggestions, but was working on a bunch of things right up until the deadline, so I ran out of time for a lot of smaller details, unfortunately haha.

Thanks for the great feedback! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

We definitely put a lot of effort into trying to make the gameplay as animated and responsive as possible. Those angel death particles were one of the only placeholder things we ran out of time to update with a pixel art, unfortunately, but I agree with your point, nonetheless. 

I definitely wanted to do a bit more with the angels, functionality-wise, and I may still do a couple small updates to the game to add a few of the things I ran out of time for, such as more things that they can do or rewards for killing them or little power-ups. And yeah, I also wanted to add those indications about which direction they're appearing from, but 'tis the way things go in a jam sometimes.

Happy to hear it gave you some inspiration for your own projects! Feel free to ask about any details if you'd like to know more. 

Glad to hear you liked it!

Sorry, I forgot to check Itch yesterday.

We are still looking for someone, so we'd be happy to work with you. If you could add me on Discord, we can talk a bit more about plans and such.

Hi everyone,

I'm a Unity game developer, currently teamed with an artist who are looking for some potential teammates! I have experience with 9 game jams and plan to keep our scope fairly small, as we'll only be working on our entry for the first 3 weeks of February before we may have to submit.  If you're be interested in joining us with one or more of these roles, don't hesitate to reach out.

You can contact me either here or Discord (GammaFoxTBG#1114).

Thank you very much for playing!

Glad to hear you liked it! I was rooting for you hard at the end when you seemed like you were really focused and concentrating, so congrats for beating it! Be sure to follow me here on Itch and you'll be notified for future updates/games.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Yeah, a lot of the bugs were a result of us cutting it down to the wire, in terms of meeting the submission deadline, so unfortunately some did slip through the cracks, just because we ran out of time to fix them. We already have a patch planned as soon as the voting period for the jam is over, so we will be trying to address all the bugs and polish up a few things, so those should be fixed up in 4 days. Thanks a lot for playing and featuring our game!

I'm normally not much of a story person, but this kept my attention and retained an unsettling atmosphere the entire way through! Great work all around on this.

Glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Sorry to hear about the issues you encountered. We'll definitely be releasing a patch once the voting period for the Scream Jam is over and trying to fix the issues and do some balance adjustments. I could let you know when that happens, if you'd like, so you can give it another shot!

I was not expecting a mini roguelike FPS in a jam, but here we are! Really nicely done, the style was simple but juicy, with the effects and particles giving it a lot of flair, I liked the ominous forest environment. Audio was also well done, lots of good feedback, the VA work was also a great touch! 

Gameplay was also very solid and clean, I really like the upgrade choice in the end of each round, albeit some upgrades were definitely more viable than others. Having several levels and a boss was a very One thing I think could have added a lot of depth was an enemy was a little more movement. I do like that there were different types of enemies, but with the way that they're all basically stationary, it essentially devolved into just strafing and shooting. Jams are jams though, so I totally understand that trying to get into all that could have brought the scope a bit out of range. My only other nitpick would be that the boss area is pretty tight, so I did find myself having to restart a lot more than I'd have liked to, because of me falling off the edge as I'm trying to maneuver around enemy fire coming from all directions. Regardless, gameplay still felt very engaging, responsive, and fun! You did an amazing job, and I think this would be a really cool project to polish up a bit more and take further!

The presentation was phenomenal here! You brought all these different assets together really well, and overall it was all a delight to experience. Gameplay-wise, I do feel there was a bit of a lack of engagement, given how you don't get told what path the mouse is going to take, nor the vision range of the humans. I really like the idea of distracting the workers to get past, but other than the first person, it seemed that the others were not able to be distracted. With that said, I still enjoyed finding as much stuff as I could to break anyways, and the sound effects added to them were a nice touch!

As others have mentioned, I'd be interested to see where you take this, if you decided to continue working on it some more after the jam! With a path indicator, at the very least - and maybe some other mechanics to mix up how you get around, I think it could be a really solid little game! Great work to the team all around. 

We did attempt to make some diagetic indications for when stations went down, such as the lights going off when the power generator is depleted, the radar no longer pinging when unpowered, etc. But I'll definitely look into trying to make clearer indications in the future. Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you very much, glad you had fun! 

Loved the lighting and UI graphics, very clean. I think there's a solid base here, but I think the enemies and weapons would benefit from just a bit more variety. If there were perhaps some other types of pickups, or maybe some sort of environmental stuff, that would be a big boost to the engagement. Overall I still had fun though, there was clearly passion put into the project!

Really nice job with the cinematics! The asset cohesion was really solid, and the gameplay was pretty fun. One thing I will note is that the one-hit death for the player was definitely a bit brutal, especially when enemies have no telegraphing and can instantly spawn in hard-to-see areas. But I still enjoyed the game, and having some upgrades to customize the playstyle was a nice touch. Great work!

LDS was definitely an inspiration for some of the gameplay! Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, unfortunately the tutorial completely slipped my mind by the end. Ended up adding a little schpeel in the description so people know you're just supposed to repair the stations and stay alive, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game. 

Very interesting theme to the game, and I wasn't expecting to see a 3D game in a 2-day jam, so that's pretty impressive! The gameplay got a bit monotonous fast, but the experience was still really nice. Loved the work you did with the environment and the models were great. Overall, good work, seems like a neat game that could be worked on further!

Love to see your style evolving, and this was a really cool step in doing so. So much juice and beautiful particles, I particularly liked the cool effect when you shoot the hooks!  Characters were adorable and blended well with your minimalistic aesthetic. When I got the hang of the mechanics, it was super satisfying when I got to throw the enemies around. I definitely was left wanting more - in a good way - as I think it would be awesome to see this fleshed out more; the base of the game could open itself up to a lot of other cool mechanics.

I know you mentioned in other comments that you did have some other features planned already, but one thing I might suggest if you do decide to work a little more on it would be to add some sort of reward or feature when you really get swinging an enemy fast. It feels satisfying as hell once you get them going, so I'd love to see maybe the enemies get damaged from the high speed or maybe you can fling them for big damage. 

I did feel that the level design could have been a little more spacious to accommodate for the full utilization of the swinging mechanic, but the overall design of the levels was still nice. All the beautiful particle effects, lighting, and sounds made the experience very satisfying. Great work, as always!

Really solid game, although I admittedly took longer than I probably should have to understand the mechanics. 

Incredibly charming, wholesome game with some really well-polished visuals and cute dialogue. The duct-tape idea was clever and the mechanic worked well!  The levels' difficulty was a little inconsistent but they were short enough that it didn't bother me when I had to repeat a few times. I could definitely see a game like this being a nice little mobile game and would be interested to see how you'd expand the game with more time.

Great work from your team all around! 

Thank you so much for the kind feedback. As for the visual indications, we did try a couple things to help with that, but perhaps it should have been made more explicit through a more thorough tutorial. The city background in the game pulses to the beat, and the windows below roughly line up with where the beat occurs, so you can use those to help track. But I'll definitely make a note of it for the future! Glad you liked the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

Do you mean you'd like if there were more SFX in response to actions? As for the arrows, you have to tap the shown direction to activate them; hitting all 3-4 will give you extra combo for each completed. As for being slightly out of beat, unfortunately we noticed later in development that some systems have mild synchronization issues that we don't seem to have much control over without middleware. Sorry to hear that it happened to you, but we hope you were still able to enjoy it.

Took me a little bit to get the hang of things, but it's a very well-polished game. Good length of gameplay, has a good difficulty progression, and I like the slow introduction of complexity. Truth be told, I secretly wish there were more levels, but I'm not holding that against you. What you did have was awesome and you did a fantastic job!

Really appreciate the extensive and flattering feedback. Glad that you enjoyed it, we worked like crazy to fit everything in within the 48-hour window. I'll definitely note the mechanic explanation critique and try to work on that for next time! I'm again glad you overall enjoyed the experience. 

Thank you! Just as a heads up, we realized today that one of our vital stat panels was hidden, but we submitted a hotfix for it today.  If you'd like, I'd recommend perhaps playing it again for the full experience. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, really glad you liked it! Certain stats like genetic diversity are mostly arbitrary in their actual quantification, but we did implement a tooltip system to try and elaborate on some of the stats' implications if you hover over the name of the stat or upgrade button, but we probably should have made mention of it more explicit.

Totally agree about the notification log, but unfortunately we ran out of time by the time I thought of or could implement it. Thanks again for playing!

Neat concept! I liked the audio and visuals, the graphics in particular were a really nice style. The gameplay had a few issues, but overall I liked it. It was a little frustrating when certain actions didn't properly register, until I found that double clicking on things like the essay will get them to start writing. Other than that, very nice game.

Very nice game, visuals are really well-done and the atmosphere is so bright and cheery. The gameplay was a nice short but sweet experience, and I ended up playing about 4 times to try and get on the leaderboard, which was a great extra feature. Can't say I really have any critiques on the game, other than the competitive side of me craving a hard mode or something. But the slow progression of difficulty that was there was smooth and felt appropriate. Really good job with this!

What did you use for the leaderboard? I keep wanting to add one to a project but I run out of time to do extras like that.

Pretty unique idea for a game, I liked it! The high score system was a nice touch as well, I got about 20,000. :)

Cute little game! Congrats on doing your first jam. Simple game, but it was still enjoyable and the platforming was solid!