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I really liked this game! It's sort of a rebus game, where there's a door with some symbols on it and you have to guess which key will let you through. It's an interesting take on these guessing games, especially as the puzzles become more about remembering the cutscenes. 

Alright. (Do you speak Chinese or did you get it off Google Translate?)

I really, really liked this game. The idea of "platformer without jump control" has been done a bunch of times, but tying all your abilities to the shoes makes it feel really cohesive. Also, the game really doesn't take itself seriously, which was fun.

"good ol' dying" mode :P

Thanks a lot! I didn't have time to playtest this, so I might have caught the power thing if i had more time.

By the way, there is a power source in the hangar somewhere. You can interface with it to get some more power. (Just don't overload your batteries...)

Very short, but I liked the idea. I can see this being a real game, if you had more better levels.

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Very fun! You did a good job of doing a platformer without stopping your jump. It felt very satisfying to move your square.

But why did you call it "zombie?"

Very nice! You got the "game juice" thing down very well for 48 hours.

What does clicking do? I don't see what the purpose of slowing down is.

Interesting idea, and I liked the title. It also very nicely fits into the jam description: a shooter, without shooting.

However, I couldn't figure it out or beat the second level. The bullets had huge hitboxes and the player just moved too slowly.

Hey, wait, I made a game called Blindside!

Besides that, I liked this game, despite not getting anywhere. The cane mechanic was cool-looking and made sense. However, it was just too hard. I couldn't get to anything and spent about 5 minutes wandering not finding or hearing anything new. Maybe increase the radius on the cane tip. (If you had more than 48 hours, this could be a really cool game if you had really good sound design, with echoes, reverb, footsteps, etc.)

Cool game, but I don't see what part of a platformer this doesn't have.

Cool concept for a game! But, the controls were really slow and floaty.

Also, I don't see what part of a "platformer" this is missing.

Made me laugh out loud.

The focus of the game seems to be the rowing, though, not the pole-less fishing.