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This is a simple walking simulator except... you're blind.
Submitted by Doucet — 6 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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(1 edit) (+1)

Holy hell i got scared when i heard a person walking towards me. I felt like in a horror game even if was nothing there. 

Great idea and mechanics, a bit hard to hadle at first but really nice.  Please don't make an horror game out of this. I'm scared just thinking about it.


I was planning way more obstacles that could atchually hurt you but time constrains and life. I'm very happy to hear some feed back:). 

Thank you for playing:)


I think this is a great idea mechanically and I think it fits the theme of the game jam perfectly. However, I don't think it was implemented very well. Nevertheless, I'm not going to give you a poor rating, because I think your main mechanical idea was communicated clearly and I think the only reason the implementation was poor was because of your time and resource constraints. It's clear that if you had more time to polish the main mechanic of the pole, make some more fluently designed levels, and spend more time on 3D sound design, you would have a fun, unique, and interesting game.

Even though I couldn't beat the first level, I'm giving this a 4/5 rating. Good job, and keep on developing!


Thanks i appreciate the remarks. I worked o n it alone and because life happens. I couln'd work on it for more than one day. I was hoping the idea got across even if it isnt a really good demonstration.


Hey, wait, I made a game called Blindside!

Besides that, I liked this game, despite not getting anywhere. The cane mechanic was cool-looking and made sense. However, it was just too hard. I couldn't get to anything and spent about 5 minutes wandering not finding or hearing anything new. Maybe increase the radius on the cane tip. (If you had more than 48 hours, this could be a really cool game if you had really good sound design, with echoes, reverb, footsteps, etc.)

Developer (1 edit)

First, i'll have my lawer get in touch with you to sort out the  name issue;).

Thank you for the remarks. I wanted to try something that was way outside of my comfort zone. I only had part of a day to work on it because life but I'm happy you got the idea I was going for:).