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I think this is a great idea mechanically and I think it fits the theme of the game jam perfectly. However, I don't think it was implemented very well. Nevertheless, I'm not going to give you a poor rating, because I think your main mechanical idea was communicated clearly and I think the only reason the implementation was poor was because of your time and resource constraints. It's clear that if you had more time to polish the main mechanic of the pole, make some more fluently designed levels, and spend more time on 3D sound design, you would have a fun, unique, and interesting game.

Even though I couldn't beat the first level, I'm giving this a 4/5 rating. Good job, and keep on developing!

Thanks i appreciate the remarks. I worked o n it alone and because life happens. I couln'd work on it for more than one day. I was hoping the idea got across even if it isnt a really good demonstration.