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I finished the game, I am awesome! ...the message said so at the end :P

At first I thought the zoom in effect on kills would get old, but combined with the sound it's oddly satisfactory. Maybe because those dodgy bees are absolute bastards. :D

Some jumps were frustrating, but you absolutely need those in a platformer to offer some challenge.

I dunno, really enjoyed it, only want more of it. No criticism here.

That's a very impressive score, mate :D

The faux3D code needs some work, but you know, time constraints... Anyway thanks for giving it a go!

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Thanks for playing :)

Did you mostly just stay on top and avoid the asteroids? I thought that would mean you don't get many coins, but your score is really impressive so I guess this does need fixing :D

The title is admittedly a little janky, but all Kenney :D Thanks!

Crashing would be interesting, but would very much change the nature of the game. Not to say that's a bad thing, could be fun and add tension as it would be another possibility to lose the motors.

Causing traffic seems like the obvious 'solution', i.e. not letting motors drive onto occupied tiles. This would increasingly lead to situations where you'd have more than 1 motor trying to enter the same tile and being on stand-by, as their timers ran out. When the tile would be vacated by the previous motor, you'd then have 2 or more motors trying to enter it at the same time.

Maybe prioritize them according to who's been waiting the longest? Randomize? Maybe go back to the crashing option? :D

At first it seemed too simple, but then I really got into it. Seriously.  Especially the latest levels were great and a bit of a challenge.

I was really disappointed when it was over as I was done in less than 5 minutes. LOVED the music - did you make it yourself?

Thanks for giving it a shot! :)

Ya know what, unless somebody chimes in with a higher number, I'll just claim the record, thank you very much :D :D

Could use a little shot of dopamine to get me over hump day :P

We did toy with a similar idea, so I was really curious.

At first I couldn't figure it out and to be honest, I'm not completely sure how to micro manage the dudes. They seem very set on patrolling whatever is set up and won't change their route very quickly.

But then I figured you can set three guys up with 2 posts each and the fourth guy (Dane) to visit all the posts and it just seems to run forever. :D

...well, 22 days, at any rate. Is that good?

I get it! :D I played a few games like this and it's pretty cool. C.A.T.S. on mobile was a very polished version of this. Could use more... rotation. :D

Didn't quite get it, but liked where it was going. Followed you to see if you make something more out of it ;)

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Well I always like to see mix-ups like these, but this one is unfortunately not very close to finished yet. Would love to see it when you take more time, though, so I followed you ;)

That was really great, I love the theme and just the title "CRAZY SUZAN" instead of Lazy Suzan made me smile.

Pretty hectic gameplay, I could barely keep up. Then again, it is pretty late here.

I honestly don't have any suggestions to improve this. :)

For some reason it runs great in small window, but if I enlarge it to full screen it just bogs down and is basically unplayable. Go figure. I mean I'm not on a gaming monster, but it's still an i7-7700 laptop with geForce 940MX and I would've expected a bit better performance.

Just checking in with a rating, I already commented on your game page cause I forgot that's not where you put the ratings on game jams, d'oh. :D

Good stuff, reminds me of 1NSANE game modes we played a lot via LAN back in the day. 

Tiny bug I found; managed to fall under/behind the ground by reversing on top edge of a cliff.

Also, this car has the best grip out of anything I've ever driven, I'd love to see some tail-happy moments to further the driving enjoyment. :D

Ha, cute game. Made it to 10877. Gets real hectic, but good progression. I guess if you wanted a bigger game you could make it into "Olympics" with several alien-interpreted sports games. :) All in all, a good time!

Great presentation, looks really professional :)

I didn't care for the world rotation via mouse hover. It's very fiddly, mouse click / keyboard would be better. Other than that, zero complaints.

I guess with some more mechanics you'd have a full-on game on your hands.

Well, it was pretty short :) But it works nicely which is more than a few people in this jam can say.

This is right up my alley, good job :)

Only thing I didn't understand was when two vehicles started with different timers on different tiles and eventually ended up on a single grass tile. Then one moved forward and the other went along with it at the same time so there was no way to separate them any more... Is that intentional?

Man, level 4 kicked my ass for a while :D Good stuff, we planned something similar but didn't know how to go about it. This was pretty much on the money :)

At first I was like, huh, this should be simple enough.

Then I started rotating dudes, they were losing sanity, I was panicking.

Got to level 4 and fired my first two employees, felt this sense of dread relating to my real job.

Dazed and confused I started the game without any employees in place.

So I let it run its course and apparently I made enough money previously for this not to be a problem, cause I'm now on level 5 and managed to fire two and hire two more dudes.

 I guess being in middle management ain't that bad.

This game sure makes you think. A++ would play again. :D

I only have three suggestions:

- themes for the stalls (like... i dunno, Hot dogs, popcorn, tickets, whatever)
- have the time countdown instead of up, it's a bit confusing
- more names, I saw them repeat a few times :)

Sweet, consider yourself followed! I wanna see the improved version :)

Good mechanic and quite challenging. I wonder how this would work in multiplayer or a longer game with various levels.

Thanks! Those scores are getting pretty high, so that's quite an achievement. :D

Hey, no worries, we know how it is with free time. Life is too short for everything and there are things more important than game jams. :) If you make it longer, let us know. ;)

Hey, I managed to beat the game! :D

Loved the dialogue and the gameplay was something fresh when compared to the usual match-3 games. You could always add more levels, maybe immovable blocks, funky level layouts... there are lots of possibilities. :)

Good stuff!

Well the leaderboard is pretty crowded now, so that's still good effort. :) Thanks for playing!

No worries buddy, just trying to help you improve :) Let us know when you have a new version out and we'll give it another whirl.

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D'awwww. That was short, but sweet. :D

BTW, if you throw yourself off the very first platform to the left, it just sends you to the last obstacle. Had it in there for playtesting and forgot to remove it? :P

I guess you could make it longer if you decide. But I have no idea what new challenges to present...

EDIT: Ah, I see people have already reported the first-platform bug. Oh well. :)

Hot damn! Now that's a high score and deserves a follow at least :D

We agree on visual clarity and one of us was rooting for more appropriate music... We ended up going with Kenney's, just to "keep it in the family".

Leaderboard is the remains of a potential multiplayer feature, which never worked quite right unfortunately. At least everyone seems to like it. :)

Thanks for playing, Mr. Fancy... Hat. :D

Yeah, the 3D depths is a bit of a problem, would need more time to fine tune it.

As for online scores, we've fiddled with various websites and such for close to 15 years now and picked up just enough knowledge to make it possible. :)

I know difficulty levels are kinda old school, but since the whole vibe is a bit old school, maybe let players choose difficulty which affects health drain and perhaps even bug speed/health? :)

Oh man, I love a good swarm game. This one doesn't disappoint for a 48hr jam entry.

I can't get past 130 kills, but I'll be back!

I like the way these games, if they're good, let you explore mechanics a bit. At first I was like wtf is up with this staff, it launches Orcs in my face, then I figured how you can get them to launch away from you and pretty much place the fireball wherever. Then I was like, the spear sucks, why would I use this... until I figured out you can kill 3 dudes at once with it.

Very nicely balanced, I dig it. Maybe some variety in your enemies, let player buy and upgrade weapons, a health drop every now and then and you have yourself a proper game. Well done!

I'm off to kill more Orcs :D

I'm always on the lookout for fresh random-generated racers. I enjoyed it, but I wish there was more challenge and variety. Maybe overpasses so you can double back over your own road, obstacles hidden until the last moment so you have to react quickly... I dunno. Maybe different curves and you'd have to select the appropriate curvature, not just direction? Now I'm just complicating things, but hey.

It looks pretty good and the music is pleasant. Maybe the cornering could be a bit smoother or drifty or something. I feel a bit dizzy. :D

I think there might have been a bug of sorts as I was able to buy all the colors for my character after completing the first room? I'm not complaining, that yellow looks great :D

I would've liked more challenge, as I've managed to complete all the towers I've tried, before I figured out that powerups are bound to "E", not "B". Maybe some enemies with projectiles, falling traps, etc? :)

All in all, fun, hope you expand it.

BTW, we tried multiplayer, didn't manage to get in the same room, even though we typed in the same number, tried while logged in, while logged out... Oh well.

We already commented on the game page, since we forgot how jams and comments work. Have a rating as well! :)

Ha! :D Great sound and visuals. I really want some eggs 'n bacon now.

Managed 12 laps before I got too dizzy. :) Might give it another shot later.

I wonder what else you could do with this mechanic, maybe make it jump out when the eggs are "done" or something, by using a different combo.

Good stuff!

And BTW, I think you have more rotation in your game (turret + target colors) than a lot of folks, so don't worry about that at all! :)

Not bad at all for a first effort, I see what you were trying to achieve with rotation.

I see you can just sit there and wait for the colors to change on targets, then launch. I found a spot for my mouse that would pretty much guarantee me hitting the first target and then I got 100 points every time, just as long as I waited.

Maybe to prevent this and add some tension, you could have a timed mode? Limited amount of balls, perhaps? I never seemed to run out.

It reminded me of "Peggle", used to have lots of fun with all the various minigames there, back in the day. Maybe give that a look, get some ideas ;)

Also, this bug triggered upon launch, I dunno.

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