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Fun time killer, great work at giving player a challenge.
Sound effects++ xD
Pls add a restart button or R to restart

Edit: My personal best 26.1 :D

Great well polished game! 
Quick bits of feedback

1. The speed at which timer runs out should be slow at first and later get faster

2. The cards should be bigger and keyboard/gamepad shortcuts can be a plus

All the Best for your upcoming projects OwO

Short and sweet ^-^

Great game! Had a lot of fun ... I'm glad the tractor was automatic ...

Wolves are too cute to be hurt 🥺

unexpected ending lol!

Fun and interesting idea! 

Does the theme mean I have to hurt everybody ?

Thanks so much!!

Thanks JuulH for playing!
I think it happens on Itch, when you fullscreen, the window looses focus, so we need to press `TAB`. I'll convey that in advance.
Your feedback means a lot I'll definitely consider that, post jam I'll make a new build soon.

Thanks for playing! I'll surely fix the difficulty as soon as as I can!


Good decision on polishing when you've known that you have overtimed any way!

Nice relaxing, passive game to play! After a point the bullets made amazing patterns and the game started to hypnotise me :)

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Dance! I'm curious who the voice artist is xD

Fun game ! 

Fun game and great concept! Nice power fantasy ! 

I did not understand how to play 😅 Maybe you can start bit easy to teach rules and then ramp up difficulty. Good Luck though :)

Thanks for your feedback :)
Some of the art is from Kenney's Medieval pack.  If you hold the click long enough the arrow would go straight 😅

Wonderful game! Although very difficult for me 😅

need an autopilot feature 😂 is an amazing game hosting service for games built with Godot game engine. Brand new feature is multiplayer. yes you can hot multiplayer games and work without your own dedicated server

hoi maybe I can help gamedevshirious#6604

An alternative I'll suggest is 'Clockify', I have it on desktop and phone too 


Cool game. Loved playing it :)

Wonderful music ...

seems a fast paced game play but needs patience to play ... a nice combo of mechanics ^-^ Loved it

Thanks ... I had a great experience

Is there any ranking ?

I'll make games which will surely expand your list ...

I'm glad to know that ... do follow to know about my upcoming games ... its really inspiring ...
Thanks for your support

Thanks, for the compliment

Yeah ... I guess you should try playing to get more idea ... ;)

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only one button is visible on the screen at a time 


I have a game that has two buttons butonly one is interactable at a time ... is it still qualified ?

but it has two buttons ... :/

Fun game ...

what is preffered platform to export the game

@Feldo ... can we have a button that needs to me pressed by mouse ... is that legal ?