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If you download it from the app, the default install path should be C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps

You can also right click on the game icon in the app and click "Show local files"

I'd like to add:

-added new imperial armada mechanic to the campaign (see full post below)

-added "move in formation" controls

-fixed crash that occurred when returning to the campaign menu while certain screen recording software was running

-added "units lost" and "exp gains" tabs to the campaign battle results screen

-veterancy levels are now displayed for promoted units in the campaign screen

-units will no longer fire at enemy fleet portals

-unit action panel is now visible even when just the flagship is selected

-updated the campaign intro messages and several campaign nodes

-text now scales properly for monitor aspect ratios wider than 16:9

-enemy AI is now more aggressive in solar system planetary battles


A more in depth dev log on this update can be found on my website:

This is a small patch to fix several issues:

-fixed bug where the tutorial campaign was loading the main campaign after node 1

-adjusted the wording on several tutorial dialogue messages

-added missing dialogue option to one of the campaign nodes

-added new enemy sub-faction, the Wreckers League, to the campaign

-added new unlockable flagship with a boss fight node for the new faction

-added new flagship module: Ship Shredder

-added 5 additional mission nodes to the campaign

-the tutorial campaign now uses a separate save file so it won't overwrite the main campaign

-enemy flagship modules now transfer some of the damage taken to the flagship itself during boss fights, these modules also get an armor buff (the result is that the boss fight takes about the same amount of time, but the player can no longer destroy the modules before the flagship itself starts taking damage, so the player can no longer skip special attacks during the later stages of the boss fights)

-units no longer attack neutral capturable buildings

-unit abilities that target enemy units will no longer be activated by clicking on friendly units

-tractor beams now push/pull units more smoothly

-fixed bug where changing flagships with the left arrow would result in attached modules being left in the player's fleet

-fixed camera starting positions for several campaign nodes

-fixed problem where the text for the number of flagship weapon nodes was switched with the number of flagship building nodes in the campaign setup menu

-added updated portrait textures for some flagship modules

-added new building for the empire faction: Command Outpost

-added new building module for the empire faction: Microwave Transmitter

-Command Outposts are cheaper expansion hubs which provide building nodes for any Command Center from the same player

-Microwave Transmitters allow for sending excess power to any Command Outpost

-added 4 new campaign missions

-fixed potential exploit where the player could get extra resources by selling buildings while they were under construction (selling or cancelling building modules that are under construction now refunds the amount spent, minus any damage taken)

-repair bay moved to tech level 3

-harvesters can now be manually told to drop off  their current load of resources if the player orders them to target a refinery

-improved the accuracy and responsiveness of formation drawing system when making complex shapes

-in the Fire Hawks boss battle, the enemy fighters now deploy shields in the last stage of the mission to defend the flagship boss

-the main quest in each zone no longer has 2 "continue" screens

-weapons on building modules and all of their sub-weapons no longer spin or rotate towards nearby targets when in low power (this was an issue for Gatling turrets)

-modules that become unattached from a Command Center or Command Outpost are now always set to low power state

-lowPower now decreases build times of production buildings by 75% except for command centers, which are only reduced by 50%

-updated the 2nd tutorial campaign node to include a supply limit

-replaced the 6th tutorial campaign node with the new enemy outposts node

-improved collision detection behaviors for cruisers

-various engine optimizations for better performance and stability

Additional details over at my devlog:

-added multi-grid map type with 2 new skirmish maps
-added "strike force" mission types
-added 5 new campaign missions
-campaign battle menu now shows unit strength graph
-harvesters can be set to "hold fire" stance to disable automatic resource collection
-improved shading effects for nebula clouds
-fixed several potential crashes and visual bugs
-cruisers bought or gifted in the campaign now start with default weapon modules

Additional details over at my devlog:

Advanced Fighter Units


This update adds 2 new units, the advanced fighter groups. The empire's advanced fighter is a multi-segmented unit that specializes at anti-fighter combat, while the union's advanced fighter is a hybrid fighter bomber that is effective against both fighters and larger ships. These are both buildable in all skirmish games at tech level 3, and the union version can be added to the player's fleet in the campaign.


Other Updates:

-added new models for the existing basic fighter groups

-added new flashing icons on several button types in the campaign screen to direct the user's attention to the dialogue buttons, the move button, or the battle button, when appropriate

-fixed potential bug in the solar system skirmish mode that prevented the creation of fleets containing only T1 fighters for union players

-additionally, I did some refactoring to make adding new unit types easier for future updates.

This update adds the new fighter shield ability.

-All fighter groups now have an ability that allows them to switch between combat mode (they move and attack normally) and shielded mode, where the fighters form a wall of directional force fields to absorb incoming attacks, but lose their ability to attack while the shields are active.

More details at my Devlog:

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Content and Progression

-The main campaign now continues on past the first zone, with increasing enemy strength in later zones

-Additional flagship types past the first two must now be unlocked by defeating the associated boss in the main campaign

-Added 2 new possible scenarios/events for campaign nodes, added additional variations to 3 others, and other changes to several others

-added additional variety in some quest rewards

-adjusted event probabilities to make more some of the more difficult events occur more often in later nodes/zones

Fixed a crash in the campaign screen that occurred for users in certain regions when the computer's decimal format was set to something other than a period (.) character.

Rebindable Keys: the key commands in the game can now be rebound in the options menu to whichever keys the user selects.

Active Pause: there is now an active pause feature so you can pause the game any time when not viewing a cutscene, and you can give orders while paused. The default key mapping for this is the spacebar.

You can now also move the camera with the keyboard (the default is set to the arrow keys, see the options menu for the full list of controls)


Replaced the standard XNA MediaPlayer with a new audio player library. This should mean that some of the problems faced by players without Windows Media Player (especially some windows 10 users) should be fixed. All the same sounds and music are still in the game, its just that now it shouldn't crash for that reason anymore.

Additional Notes:

-Modified the campaign so the Fire Hawks boss will now deploy a temporary 100% damage reduction shield any time it activates its charge ability (75/50/25% health) to ensure that the player can't damage it down to the next level before it finishes moving, which was causing unintended movement and allowed for stages to be skipped.


The demo has also been updated to include these changes

-Added 2 possible "boss fight" nodes to the final node of the campaign, one for each pirate faction

-there are now a total of 4 available flagships in the campaign

-added several new flagship ability modules

-rebalanced and improved many of the nodes in the campaign

-stores in the campaign now carry a wider variety of ships and modules

-skirmish AI now has easy, medium, and hard options (easy is now more forgiving than the previous version)

-flagship module placement is now always bound to left click (before it was bound to whatever the user setting for "place modules" was, which was confusing)

-changed the default settings for module and ability placement to left click (can still be changed in the options menu)

-flagship modules' positions are now updated after movement, so they don't appear to lag 1 frame behind the flagship

-increased default campaign node starting resources from 25000 to 50000

-reduced growth factors for enemy fleets each turn in the campaign

-the interface in the campaign setup screen and the flagship tab in the rogue fleet menu now displays the proper number of nodes for each flagship

-increased the clickable area of the skirmish mode select buttons

-there's a new flagship type visible in the campaign setup menu, but the locked types can't be unlocked yet, (they aren't fully finished yet, but they'll be coming in another update soon)

This is a big update, I've added a new feature for the campaign: flagships. Flagships are customizable ships that offer limited base building and support abilities during the campaign. For more infomation on this system, see my development blog:

Patch Notes: (there are a ton of changes in this update so I haven't listed everything here)

-added flagships to campaign along with a selection of flagship modules and new interfaces for equipping these modules

-added ability modules and new GUI elements for displaying associated unit buffs

-improved interface for placing ship modules

-updated campaign tutorial to include information about flagships

-updated stores in the campaign to sell certain flagship modules

-fixed several potential crashes

-fixed issue where AI would incorrectly move their base to far away scrap fields

-improved AI behavior in tactical fleet battles

-several optimizations relating to AI resource field identification

-scrap portals are now selectable and have a unit description panel
-added new model and texture for the scrap portal's wormhole to make it lighter
-changed color and opacity of scrap portal's exit beam
-added DestroyedObjectData.cs which is used to keep a list of all units that were destroyed during the match (this is used right now for a new trigger condition to check for landed tradeships, but will eventually be used to make the after battle results screen showing how many units were destroyed)
-campaign nodes can now have multiple fleet portals per faction and we can specify which portal each unit comes from
-nodes can now be set as either "retry-able" so they can be repeated until the player wins or "repeatable" which can be repeated any number of times
-added check to prevent the player getting two nodes of the same type in a row
-fixed problem where trade ships were targeting the farthest away station rather than the closest
-trade ships will now periodically check to make sure they're still heading towards the closest station on the target station's celestial body
-added a new campaign mission node where the player has to escort an allies trade ships to a planet under siege
-changed the quest complete dialogue for the fighter escort quest to say Escort Complete
-the minimap now properly displays proportions of non-square maps
-added map descriptions to the skirmish interface

-added a movement animation in the rogue fleet menu when the player moves to a new node
-removed some incorrect dialogue screens from the campaign
-fixed crash that could occur when entering a battle for a certain node type in the campaign
-the campaign now checks if there is a fire hawks escorting fleet to prevent loading nodes that might conflict with that
-fixed the end node quest so it isn't removed the first time the player fails that node
-fixed issue where the regular campaign store was incorrectly assigning each button to the last item in the fleet units list
-added the Scrap Spawner, which is a portal that re-spawns scrap metal when the surrounding area has less than a certain amount (used in the first skirmish map)

-quick patch: fixed bug where command centers wouldn't spawn from fleet portals when the portal didn't have a rally point

For whatever reason, I had some problems getting the updated version to launch through the app. I don't know if everyone will have this problem, but if you get a message saying the game won't launch, click the "Show local files" button in the app, open the "EmpyreanFrontier" folder, and run EmpyreanFrontier or setup.exe to install the game. (you might need to uninstall first) After this, you should be able to launch it through the app.

This is the first time I've done a significant update with's Butler tool so that might be the source of the problem (the previous update was the first time I used it so it uploaded the whole thing.) It's supposed to make it easier to download patches or something, but I might have to go back to uploading the whole .zip file for each update because that seemed to work pretty well.

(1 edit)

-added new model for union's hammerhead frigate which now has a 2 barrel gun that fires 2 projectiles
-rebalanced cost, health, and weapon for the hammerhead frigate
-fixed problem where projectiles were occasionally colliding incorrectly with cruisers and command ships
-units spawning from fleet portals now use warp effects (start small and get bigger)
-added a game speed slider to the options menu

I'm going to start posting more detailed patch notes here whenever I update:

(I also just started using the butler tool, which should make downloading future updates easier)

-added several new possible missions for campaign nodes including some that load different missions depending on the player's relationship with a certain faction
-added a new store type for trading specific ship types with another faction
-updated union cruiser portraits to match the current model
-improved formation drawing system to better handle non-linear shapes
-formation drawing system is now more accurate at keeping units at their desired destination, when bumped by other units
-formation breaks no longer draw the white formation lines when being placed
-added a new variation of the pause menu for campaign missions that allows the player to forfeit the current mission
-AI players with high confrontation values now regroup before engaging enemies in most situations
-removed repair hangars from cruisers (mostly to balance the campaign)
-added capturable scrap collector turrets (used in a campaign mission and the first skirmish map)
-tractor beams no longer move building modules