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Empyrean Frontier

Singleplayer RTS game with procedural campaign · By GaldorStudios

Patch Notes 10/5/2017

A topic by GaldorStudios created Oct 05, 2017 Views: 123
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-added new imperial armada mechanic to the campaign (see full post below)

-added "move in formation" controls

-fixed crash that occurred when returning to the campaign menu while certain screen recording software was running

-added "units lost" and "exp gains" tabs to the campaign battle results screen

-veterancy levels are now displayed for promoted units in the campaign screen

-units will no longer fire at enemy fleet portals

-unit action panel is now visible even when just the flagship is selected

-updated the campaign intro messages and several campaign nodes

-text now scales properly for monitor aspect ratios wider than 16:9

-enemy AI is now more aggressive in solar system planetary battles


A more in depth dev log on this update can be found on my website: