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Empyrean Frontier

Singleplayer RTS game with procedural campaign · By GaldorStudios

Patch Notes 5/27/2017

A topic by GaldorStudios created May 27, 2017 Views: 87
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Rebindable Keys: the key commands in the game can now be rebound in the options menu to whichever keys the user selects.

Active Pause: there is now an active pause feature so you can pause the game any time when not viewing a cutscene, and you can give orders while paused. The default key mapping for this is the spacebar.

You can now also move the camera with the keyboard (the default is set to the arrow keys, see the options menu for the full list of controls)


Replaced the standard XNA MediaPlayer with a new audio player library. This should mean that some of the problems faced by players without Windows Media Player (especially some windows 10 users) should be fixed. All the same sounds and music are still in the game, its just that now it shouldn't crash for that reason anymore.

Additional Notes:

-Modified the campaign so the Fire Hawks boss will now deploy a temporary 100% damage reduction shield any time it activates its charge ability (75/50/25% health) to ensure that the player can't damage it down to the next level before it finishes moving, which was causing unintended movement and allowed for stages to be skipped.


The demo has also been updated to include these changes