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Empyrean Frontier

Singleplayer RTS game with procedural campaign · By GaldorStudios

Patch Notes 3/10/2017

A topic by GaldorStudios created Mar 11, 2017 Views: 91
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-scrap portals are now selectable and have a unit description panel
-added new model and texture for the scrap portal's wormhole to make it lighter
-changed color and opacity of scrap portal's exit beam
-added DestroyedObjectData.cs which is used to keep a list of all units that were destroyed during the match (this is used right now for a new trigger condition to check for landed tradeships, but will eventually be used to make the after battle results screen showing how many units were destroyed)
-campaign nodes can now have multiple fleet portals per faction and we can specify which portal each unit comes from
-nodes can now be set as either "retry-able" so they can be repeated until the player wins or "repeatable" which can be repeated any number of times
-added check to prevent the player getting two nodes of the same type in a row
-fixed problem where trade ships were targeting the farthest away station rather than the closest
-trade ships will now periodically check to make sure they're still heading towards the closest station on the target station's celestial body
-added a new campaign mission node where the player has to escort an allies trade ships to a planet under siege
-changed the quest complete dialogue for the fighter escort quest to say Escort Complete
-the minimap now properly displays proportions of non-square maps
-added map descriptions to the skirmish interface