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Empyrean Frontier

Singleplayer RTS game with procedural campaign · By GaldorStudios

Patch Notes 9/9/2017

A topic by GaldorStudios created Sep 10, 2017 Views: 109
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-added new enemy sub-faction, the Wreckers League, to the campaign

-added new unlockable flagship with a boss fight node for the new faction

-added new flagship module: Ship Shredder

-added 5 additional mission nodes to the campaign

-the tutorial campaign now uses a separate save file so it won't overwrite the main campaign

-enemy flagship modules now transfer some of the damage taken to the flagship itself during boss fights, these modules also get an armor buff (the result is that the boss fight takes about the same amount of time, but the player can no longer destroy the modules before the flagship itself starts taking damage, so the player can no longer skip special attacks during the later stages of the boss fights)

-units no longer attack neutral capturable buildings

-unit abilities that target enemy units will no longer be activated by clicking on friendly units

-tractor beams now push/pull units more smoothly

-fixed bug where changing flagships with the left arrow would result in attached modules being left in the player's fleet

-fixed camera starting positions for several campaign nodes

-fixed problem where the text for the number of flagship weapon nodes was switched with the number of flagship building nodes in the campaign setup menu

-added updated portrait textures for some flagship modules