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OK :)

Hi, you've won 5 usd :D (For winning the Super Mega Jam)

Only need your paypal email.

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Is for Win, Linux or Mac ?¿?¿?

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Yes, i am using 64 bits. :D

if I have the two files. Maybe it's a problem with Elementary OS, or I don't know.

I also tried to open it from launcher and it gave me the same error.

Hello, I can't open in Linux :S ElementaryOS

matias@matias-Lenovo-ideapad-110-14ISK:~/Juegos/Guerrilla Gardening 0.5 Linux$ ./'Guerrilla Gardening 0.5.x86' 
bash: ./Guerrilla Gardening 0.5.x86: No existe el archivo o el directorio

Muy buen juego :D Felicidades :D

Very cool game, congratulations. :)

It just has to be playable :D

Felicidades por el juego :D

ahh, de ahí lo juego

Y para linux ?

Hello, thank you very much for your comment :D


Hello, I'm very happy to hear your comment :D

In this project I wanted to introduce a lot of different mechanics, but they couldn't be implemented, because of the time. I plan to put the gold in the future and even add another type of coin.

The game is very inspired by the game "Caves" that is for android, but it has and will have several differences.

Answering your questions:

What is the meaning of pickaxe?
It's being able to enter parts that you can't enter. And I also wanted to implement minerals, but I haven't been able to do that.

Also to say that everything is very expensive, because the game lacks to be balanced. xD

Also the game of the moment does not have end, it is only to advance and to advance. In the version of github I have implemented (a little) the theme of achievements.

At this time I should not update the entry to include features as it would be like cheating, then I will update it after the jam finishes.

I will also continue working on the game, I will release a version for pc and also for android :)

Thank you

If I think in chrome happens that and in firefox does not happen but there are problems with the sound ... I think it's better to download it... Thanks for playing it :) 

I will try to see your game, although my connection is too slow. but I will try :D

Yes of course, later I want to put more forms of combat such as bows and magic and more things. Thank you very much for your comment :)

Thank you very much for your comment. The game is infinite xD (for the moment). I'm going to continue the development of the game, but I shouldn't modify the entry before the jam is over. Thanks.

Hi, I'll try to watch the game at night as there improves my Internet connection. Greetings

It's solved

There's a bug... When you exit, the data is not saved correctly. I will upload the hotfix at night and probably the html5 version.

ok xD

I can't replicate it again :(

I think I stopped selecting a card and hit play. I don't remember well...

Very good game :)

Hi, i have this error -->

very good :D

Hi, you can find the assets links here -->

=O otra persona que habla español, estas en el discord ?

Igual yo no podría ya que estoy con mi proyecto más o menos avanzado.


Spaceship Shooter RPG Deluxe is an amusing game in which you can destroy powerfull enemies.

This game isn't as ordinary as same genere games, it's... different! due to you're fighting in the space, but with physics, and... everything's crazy! Bullets go from here to there and you can throw enemies' bullets back to make them adittional damage!

Challenge your reaction capacity against hard bosses, or humiliate the easy ones.

Is in English, Spanish and Portuguese


thanks :D

thanks :D


Game Link:

Hello my name is Matías and I am a member of FuryGames.

I wanted to introduce you to Spaceship Shooter RPG Deluxe. It's a game that is in development, which is not a conventional shooter but it's very crazy! It is mainly developed for android but can also be played on PC.

I hope you like it:)

Old version video:


Sí 2 plataformas, pero solo se me ocurrió igual tu tienes que ver eso. Pero podría ser que si esta en apuros el juegador en la plataforma de abajo se va a la de arriba. Y arriba igual hayan obstáculos.

Y la velocidad le puedes poner una velocidad máxima, bueno a lo mejor ya has hecho eso :P


Hola :D 

Para hacerlo más interesante podrías hacer que al hacer doble tap suba al techo y camine en el techo. Bueno, no hay techo, pero podría haber :D

Es solo una sugerencia :P


Muy bueno felicidades por el juego :)