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Well done!

Thank you all so so much, for this being my first game jam! I am so pleased! I thank you all!

This is great, and now I am typing in italics this was not intentional? But great game seriously!

Thank you for the feedback, sorry for the tutorial, it is quite complicated - sorry! I will check yours out now!

Really nice game I find it fun to play and the graphics are amazing, far better than I can do!

Thank you that is a very good idea! Have a nice day! I will implement that!


Thank you very much, skipping was added just in case anyone would find it to difficult! Have a nice day!

I do like the game it has some great concepts and art well done!

Really nice game I really do like that and the music and the graphics go well with it overall I is amazing!

Well done

Will do!

I'm assuming you meant see instead of sell XD? But I tried to address this on 3rd chapter since the levels got bigger by moving the camera to different place and angle, was it on the first 2 chapters or the last one. But thanks for playing appreciate the feedback I hope you liked it!

Have a nice day! Thanks!

You know  this is an amazing game love they use of gravity pulling rocks near in, but still keeping momentum its a really nice idea and please keep up creating games!

Love it! I have to say the level design is really cool and I am a really big fan of strategy in games so well done! Congratulations! 

I like it, its good really really well done! scenery looks great! Well done! I like it!

There is a skip button if you are stuck but thanks for playing have a wonderful day!

This is great please keep going making games! Love it!

Thanks a lot, but I do love your game!

Thank you very much, have a nice day!

Really nice game, let me vote it now! Like it! - And the Flying XD. But no it was great!


Well done cool game!

Really cool game, well done! You have created an enjoyable game!

This is amazing


Well well well..... XD

Great game

Well done!


Yeah, I realised that a bit too late with only a few hours left - until I needed to submit it - but thanks for playing have a great day!

I played it a while ago and now have found it again, this is great, apsolutly amazing. Love it! Keep up making games please!

Well done but it's quite confusing, looking at the comments I think it is a game you either love or hate, but congratulations, it seems quite cool. You make need to change the rock graphics.

That's a really great game hats off to the creator / creator's. A massive well done from me!

That's a good game wow

A good game well done! GL in future jams 

Thanks, have a nice day!

Great game, like the music and graphics, really well done! There are some collider issues but really was nothing to worry about! Thanks

Great game, like the music and graphics, really well done!