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Dude, Sweet :D

Thank you very much :)

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Actually, the red block on the ships butt is the healthbar. It's like Dead Space :D  (this isn't communicated very well 'cuz it's a jam-game. But basically; 3 hits and your gone ;) )

Aaah I see. That's really clever
Thank you for the thorough  explanation with a screenshot and everything
Definitely gonna use this at some point :)

This brought back memories of Ninja Turtles, the THPS games and scraping 10 cm of skin of my shin trying to land a kickflip 10/10

Dig the artstyle :)
I got to 30.000ish by doing donuts on the spot XD
A tweak in the traffic AI would probably be enough to fix that exploit, but hey it's a jam game ;)

Doesn't really fit the theme, but neither does our game.
Themes are for chumps anyway, hahaha
I really dig the one-bit pixel art, I need to try that out some time
Good job mate :)

Dude sweet. Awesome litlle Metroidvania :D
How did you do the water in the background? Looks gorgeous

Dude sweet :D
I have to say I'm a big fan or your art in particular
Pretty damn impressive for two days of work, nice job!

Wrecking stuff is always fun, especially if you're a bunny :D

Goddamn, I love me some graplehooks in my videogames.
Feels great to sling around like that man, nice job :)

Thanks a bunch for the kind words, means a lot to us :)
Music isn't ours tho!
Hellslinger is pretty rad too

Nice game mate. Made it to the end on my first try :)

Glad you liked it :D
Yeah it's nice and speedy, WebGL can just about keep up with it, haha

Could've used some smoothing on the camera and the movement, I agree
Glad you liked it :)

Why thank you :)
And jup, it's 'cuz it's a gamejam game, haha
It's only 90 seconds long tho, and there's a plottwist at about 40ish seconds. You might wanna see it ;)
(It also get's a lot easier at that point)

Double jump is only available if you have your wind powers selected     (Okay, even then its buggy :/)
This is poorly communicated, we know. Would love to have added a particle effect and a different jump sound... Time constraints ey ;)

Thanks :D

Yeah we know that's not very clear.
Very solveable if we give the double jump a more 'wooshy' sound effect, with some added 'wind' particles maybe...
But, you know, 'time constraints'  :')
I'm glad you liked it :)

Oh someone actually played it, cool :)
Yeah it's a broken mess, I know, haha
Next Jam tho, I'll make something that works ;p