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A jam entry

Hyper Ultra Mega Power PuncherView game page »

punch to attack. punch to defend. punch to jump. punch is life
Submitted by Frankienaitor with 3 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline

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The idea was that you play as a boxer, and thus solve all of your problems by punching things.

- click to punch

- punch the ground to jump

- punch incoming projectiles to defend (not implemented)(Damn you time constraints! I didn't even get to screenshake and hitflashing and stuff)

- punch to attack

- punch to dash forward

- hold punch to jump higher, dash further, hit harder :D

Third-party resources
I used Unity3d, photoshop, audacity and I believe my explosion sprites/anim is from Nuclear throne. Apart from that, it was all me :)

Again, Paul Veer for the explosion sprite, thats it.

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