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Yes. But I’m out now.

My escape was not easy. Those cringe compilations were impossible to not laugh hysterically to.

I realized that my only hope would be to remove my own vocal chords.

I was very nervous that night. I had convinced my captors that the plastic utensils made me swell, so they suppplied me with nice, sharp metal ones.

The surgery went horribly wrong.

I was rushed to the infirmary, bleeding like a dog in a blender, but they managed to fix me up. One small problem though; they could not fix my vocal chords.

Without vocal chords, I could not laugh, so their ‘Try not to Laugh’ challenges were useless to me as a form of torture.

 So, they let me go...

To normal prison, from which I am now writing this from.

Send help and anime.

Everyone, this guy is serious about the laughing thing.

I laughed and was soon arrested by the local police, who handed the case over to the FBI.

In order to "reform" me, I have been forced to win 10 'try not to laugh' challenges, in order earn my freedom.

I am writing this from my cell. I have not won any yet. Please, send help.

Its like communism. But with files!

Can't wait for the Unity Stuff nobody cares about!

Fun little top-down shooter. May be better with infinite ammo, or more frequent ammo drops though, as once you run out of bullets, it gets quite boring, waiting for the next ammo drop.

If anyone has a game they made for this Jam that they were not able to finish or submit, maybe post a link to it here (if you decide to put it on, or maybe tell about it. Thanks for participating.