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That's one way of putting it lol

I'm glad you saw the easter egg! We ran out of time to implement the button, so the tutorial tells you to press left shift. Not very intuitive, I know! Definitely agree with all the criticism. 

Cute game! I liked it a lot. It's also one of two fun ones I've seen in the jam (mine doesn't rank among that number lol)

Belial (Hebrew: בְּלִיַעַל‎, Bəlīyaʿal) is a term occurring in the Hebrew Bible which later became personified as the devil[1] in Jewish and Christian texts.[2] Alternate spellings include Baalial, Balial, Belhor, Beliall, Beliar, Berial, and Beliya'al.

Aesthetically, it's a home run. Good work!

Cute art and music!

Cute art and nice music! 

Fun! Not sure how it's related to teleportation or upgrades, though. I love the "go" at the beginning and the art!

I couldn't get past the part with double arrows. The visuals are neat, and the one track that (I think) isn't stolen from Portal is also good! Overall, impressive that you guys managed this in 72 hours!

Cute little game with a fun concept! 

Cute little game with a fun concept! 

Very beautiful!! 

Very beautiful!! 

This is a criminally underrated game. I had so much fun, and I'm begging you to release the song on youtube so I can listen to it in my free time... 

5/5 in all categories! Fun, gorgeous, and original. Thanks for this gem! 

Fun game! I feel the collision was a little wonky, but besides that, everything felt pretty good!


Fun game! certainly more expansive than most.

I loved your game! hope that means you like it? haha

This game has criminally few ratings! I really enjoyed it. I don't know how adherent to the theme it is (it felt remarkably tight, not at all out of control), but the only things I'd change about it are adding more variation to the audio (having a single sound for the dash means it can get a little annoying) and adding a penalty or meter for the time-slowing on right click. I got a high score of 2000!

Cool little game!

Fun little concept! I enjoyed it.

I think it's set to private!

I think it's set to private!

Thanks! Yours is lots of fun, too! 

Thanks! sorry for the bloat! 

This was a fantastic game! I would have liked another course--but I guess that just means I wanted more! :D

Cute game! I love the audio effects :)

Very fun concept and great art. The browser game does not work because: 

Ctrl+S tries to save a page

Ctrl+D bookmarks

Ctrl+A selects all text

Ctrl+W closes a window

I ended up trying to play, but closing out of the browser window. At least it gave me a laugh! 

The art is really neat on on the backgrounds and transitions! The game is out of control, for sure.

The game was pretty fun, but level 2 felt weird. The gun barely fired.

Fun, but I wish you could have a little more control (the ship is difficult to control even with hitting the right buttons). 

I think some tutorialization is required. What is the goal? It would be nice if the controls were signposted. 

The art style drew my eye, but I was left pretty confused as to what you *could* do. I finally figured out what to do, but the game got stuck in a neverending non-loss state (one enemy alive, but the characters would never path to him). 

I would change your description to include how to play.