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Heyy, you have to power the diff 4 systems so that they dont go to 0 and the astronaut can come back to earth. Thx for playing!

Thanks for playing! We'll improve that for sure

I can't edit it rn... Will try later but thx rly, it's great!

ahahaah thx!!!! It's going straight to the itch page 😍

(1 edit)

thxxxx! You did ur part in helping that poor astronaut get back home!

We worked rly hard so glad you enjoyed it!

We also have a sound for when it breaks but we'll try to work on it. Thx for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

You didn't find the sprite change indicative enough? They all seem like broken...Please help us improve it! :)

Loved the graphics but couldnt get used to the mechanics xd Max score after 10 tries: 2 :')

Yup, we'll have to do some fixing some time... Glad you enjoyed anyway! :D

Awsome graphics as always! Loved it

Thsnks for the ideas! Checking it rn :)

Help the ship get back home!!

Of course, no game jams in Mars!

So happy you enjoyed!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Great game!

Help this fella get back to earth!!

Not sure... Forgot the car keys maybe

Nice idea u have there!

Great game! But still wondering why that woman on floor 2 wanted to go to floor 2... nvm

Stop with cursed minecraft plsssssssss :crying-a-lot-emoji: 

He just wants to get back to earth...

This is the game I spent the most time playing out of the whole jam! Great job!

Here: Manage the resources well or you wont be able to get back to earth D

Hope you enjoyyyy:


Ahah the art is great, I just grabbed the chainsaw and went sicko mode, sry trees...

Make it a mobile game and it will sell like hot nuggets

What a generous offer, I appreciate your nuggets human.

If you find me one of those I'll sure play it for life lmao

Send me chicken nuggets and any game you post (browser only)

I kinda need them quickly so first send them and then I'll play, life aint easy to noone and nuggets are life! :)

My entry is here btw:

Definitively need one of those :heart-eyes:

Guess the deadline was mean to us :')

Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed! :)