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Thank you so much! I worked wayyy too hard on this but still wanna do more xD

Thank you so much! I poured my heart and soul into this, sometime after the game jam, if I have a chance I'll be updating it with more story/areas/characters if I have the time

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I was unsure if I was going to like this game but honestly I did! Also wow did I love the little meta commentary for behind the scenes dev stuff, very much something I do xD This game was a delight, a little more difficult than expected in terms of figuring out puzzles but I did throughly enjoy myself! Great job!

I could say so much and I would love too but honeslty I'm just stuck here in awe over that gorgeous fail screen and audio design. Feels like something straight out of outer wilds and the voice acting is gorgeous. Just, lovely <3 

Concept: Fantastic. Graphics: Great. Gameplay: RAD. This was awesome yo! I've been thinking about these kinda meta games and how to handle them and I REALLY liked your interpretation. Genuinely, would love to see some more of this game developed yo!

YOOOO!! Alright, at first I was really unsure about this game, I was having a lot of trouble with the platforming but I'm so glad I stuck to the end, I really fricken love this! I love the ability to swap between dimensions and how the platforming can play out in some really interesting ways depending on your choices. My favorite thing was on the levels that were conceptually a flat floor but split between dimensions was getting the timing right and clicking as i ran across. That was a ton of fun, I also do love the simple graphics and would love to play more of this game any time <3 

You might not believe me but I genuinely mean it when I say this game is almost a 10/10 across the board. At first I saw the stick figures and I was unsure what I was getting myself into but holy hell this game was right up my alley on unique story telling with the simplest mechanics you have at your disposal. I don't wanna say anything that can spoil it to anyone below but I was seriously hooked after the tree moment. Great job and super natural dialogue also!!

Oooo I love getting to find puzzle games in a jam! This was fun though I kept getting real unlucky with a weird bug where, the sort-of "pull tab" for items would suddenly just disappear after grabbing one or two and I'd have to restart. Other than that I enjoyed what I was able to play! (Small suggestions, any way to make the second puzzle just a hint faster visually? I think that'd make it feel just that smidge better)

I'm pretty sure I played your game in a wowiegamejam before! I know for sure I follow you on twitter for game dev xD but ignoring that, I'm obsessed with how good those first few moments are, the visuals/voice acting/controls all of it set up such an amazing impression.  The gameplay was great and this is definitely one of the games I've rated the absolute highest, my only complaint is the final boss fight I had to have exactly the right amount of throwing stars to defeat in the second phase or I had to jump off and restart. I spent a total of 3 minutes waiting for more ammo to drop and it didn't and this happened twice. Does this ruin the game? No not at all, I really really like this game and how it feels and just dang. I love your pixel art so much yo!

Awesome game! I love the graphics, and it's got a lot of potential. I think I would have had a far better time with a controller but atm all I have is my keyboard and mouse which seemed really finnicky at times but it was fun. I think the way you handled the theme could seem simple but I throughly enjoyed it and my only complaint is I found myself (yeah I'm probably just bad at this game xD) dying a lot to get ammo 

This game was super interesting! I kept seeing your progress over on discord and was excited to get to play the game and I wasn't disappointed. I did experience some pretty bad lag though I'm sure it's just cause I played it in a browser. I love the choice of assets, honestly my only suggestions are, maybe some more intense pirate-y music when fighting around the ghosts at night but it might take away from the night time lullaby/theme a bit. I think that also some sort of sound effect should really play when you're using the light against the ghosts, something wavey (for dreamy aspect) or sizzling (for a actiony aspect). Great job all around though really! Just needed some help on audio and that's it!

Ay yo! I super loved this little game. I do absolutely know the exact tutorial you used to make this game in godot cause I tried it out a year ago for a sequal to my last game jam! (and spoilers) You did such a better job than I did xD. I do seriously love this, sure it's got some coding errors involving the menu system and while I think the moment sliding when attacking was a bug, I really like how it made attacks feel more monumental. I think the music choice was fantastic, but I think that if you were to move forward with this project at all I'd suggest that both with the theme and music choice, if the color palette alone was more "pastel" with maybe occasional flutters of petals or leaves in the wind it'd perfectly sum up the vibe. 

No joke, for the first game I've played in this jam coming back from a two day break, I really really enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun going around collecting things and also, I way prefer the way you walk through grass to most games where you have to cut every slice especially if your only attack can hit like 1-2 tiles. Great job!

Thank you! It's a very fun limited creative choice way of making games and I find it's such a powerful tool for creative vision, I absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Thank you thank you! I'm so grateful someone likes the animations, I was so unsure if I was over doing it so I tried dialing back a lot, I'm sure it's a real touch and go basis across the piece xD But thank you so much!

Thank you! It's a fun part of the design! Adding more was a consideration through a bitsy-hack but was some major scope creep levels of "I shouldn't" xD Perhaps in the future!

Ayyyy! I remember your game, it was so radical! Litterally I messed around in your old game jam more than anyone elses, I really liked the concept and it inspired me to keep going on game dev xD. I'm really glad you liked it and darn I wish I had had more time to fill it with more details and weird little cryptids for ya to find. <3 Also thank you for the kind words, just got my car fixed up only to find more issues cause lifeee xD

Thanks! <3

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my "unique" style of story telling xD

Thank you! Also totally something to consider, thank you again, I already want to work on another game in the style but see if I can make a very clean representation of a world with my little 8x8 tiles. 

Thank you so much! Also yeah I get that, it's a trade off I was willing to take but also was ridculed by a friend for on some items xD

Thank you so much! It was a ton to explore one bit pixel art again!

Sorry for being so late to see this but thank you! It was an absolute wild time making this game!

Sorry for being wildly late to see this but thank you!! I worked my absolute but off and I'm very happily still working away at too many projects I'll post eventually xD

I am wildly late to see this message but thank you so much! I've been working on a lot of stuff I hope to have shared at some point <3 Also again thank you thank you, I'm still proud of my little spoopy story and while the HD hack is rough at times it was a blessing for this jam project!

So often nowadays I struggle to find games that don't make me feel like I'm wasting my time not working on Game Dev myself, but this was such a beautiful little experience and very on track for the kind of content I hope to one day be able to make myself. Thank you so much, I can not wait to play the full version and will gladly be sharing this around as much as I can <3

Incredibly excited to play!

I really enjoy it 5/5 but also HO BOY i got stuck a lot

If this ain't the most radical, polished best playing retro platformer in the whole jam than I'm crazy, 6/5 stars

Beautiful little game, thank you

Absolutely love it <3

I love it, easy 5/5 across the board, i hope to be as good as you one day, happy to follow!~

I'm so mad, at how good this is. An absolute queen sweep, 5/5 across the board, thank you <3

YO DUDE, full 5/5 across the board, no complaints, gave me childlike glee, I hope my pixel art is  as lovely as yours in the future

Man I'm so sorry I found ya so late, this is an absolute 5/5 game, great job, happy to follow you!

Hard game, but hey love the aesthetic and dedication here, great job!

Camera hurts the eyes, game is buggy but overall an absolute 4.5/5 Rest of the game is superb!

That's an absolute 5/5 WOWIE from me, holy crap I love this, I really hope you expand on this post jam!!

Heck of a game

Wish I had found y'all earlier omg I really fricken love this game, please tell me you're going to expand on it post jam??

What a strange game, 

so absolutely 10/10 thank you for this experience