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A member registered Aug 11, 2021

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Thanks, minus dungeon games, I'll have to look into it. The coding language I'm learning now through a course on Udemy is Godot, which is a writing script that works especially well with 2d games, but can work with 3D games as well.

Unfortunately they would have to install scratch to play the game, but the engine itself is around a hundred megs, so not very big at all.

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Ok, I was planning to do the game offline, as there's a downloadable engine for Scratch, and releasing the project file and linking the engine. Scratch with too big of a game can get pretty laggy online, and eventually it'll just refuse to save. Would that be alright?

Ok, awesome! I'm not sure if I'll finish because of school, but I'll see what I can come up with!

I'm currently learning to code, and for now I'm only good at Scratch.

Awesome! I really love the quaint 8bit graphics, and the puzzles actually pose a mind stimulating challenge.

Ok, thanks, I was just seeing if you're open to commissions, I'm working on a project right now, but we'll see in the future. Thanks! :)

Also, just curious, as I have an idea for a game that would really fit these assets, have you ever considered commissions?

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Really incredible, sad to see that the project's over. :( If you do end up expanding the pack later on, it would be nice to have the dinosaur skeletons split into multiple layers, so that for a paleontology game the player could complete the skeletons over time. Also, an auto mechanic's garage and factory would be really great additions. As well as towels costumes for the characters. I still can't believe the amount of dedication this took, you are truly a legend!



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Awesome! Would you mind if I shared these, as well as your other CC assets on I'd link to you and your premium projects, as well as a donation link if you'd like.

Amazing! Wished more peole knew about it, but I still managed to get into a five man lobby first try. :)

Just rated this one, very nice! Good graphics consistency and a catchy tune. However, one thing I found was that only one level was a little short, although for only a  month of developing that's understandable. I found the garlic enemy's AI challenging, I died to him twice, which is a good thing.

Overall, a fun game to pick up on a rainy afternoon. Well done! :)

Ok, thanks.

You should still post your game though, I'd love to see it. :)

Ah, man. :( Sorry to say it, but you missed the deadline, it was at eight this morning.

I've been keeping my eye on the jam, and it's allowing me to rate the submissions. Am I allowed to give my two cents, or is it just for official judges?



Nice game, would be nice to have more than one level though.

Amazing game! Would recommend to anyone. I hope you're still developing! One problem I ran into though, was that in the tutorial level, none of the gear spawned on the table in the "Special Items" room. Is it just me being dumb or it it a glitch?