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yes this game is in an early version. I was going to continue improving the game  however now i cant continue development because i accidently deleted the file

anyway thanks for the feedback

Guys can you check out my first free unity game on and give feedback on what i should improve on. This game is made from a tutorial from catlike coding because i was new at using unity and didn't game create games before.

If you are wondering I am the only one who has worked on this project. I am the programmer, designer, audio person.

The game is in beta and i plan to release more features before i launch it to other stores.

V.065 includes:


>>Added a settings UI

>>Added promo images

>>Added the button to go back to the main menu  from the choose a level menu

>>Added a God mode quality option

>>Fixed a bug  when you click pause button and die at the same time then the game freezes

>>Fixed a bug that made the pause menu not appear during a second game

>>Fixed a bug where the game ran in the background  after you paused the game and went to the menu

>>Fixed a bug where HUD was visible in the settings menu

>>Fixed a bug where after you pause you get a score

>>Fixed a bug where you would randomly teleport

Known issues:

>>HUD is invisible

>>Particle effects occasionally don't work

Planned features/changes:

>>Add different settings in the settings UI

>>New rotating obstacle

>>To make the game slightly easier some areas won't have any obstacles

>>Theme selector

>>Finally fix the bug where HUD is small on certain displays

>>Fix the bug where HUD is invisible

>>Add animations (possibly)

>>Add audio (possibly)

>>Add a extreme  mode which is twice as fast as the zap mode (possibly)

>>Add a high score system

if you know any good free UI assets then please link it.

i just created a webGL build so you can try a demo of the game without downloading the files.

That is a very good idea i will definitely  do that.

thanks for the feedback.

If there are any good UI assets for free on the unity store then please link them.

Yes feedback would be good.
Don't flame me this is my first unity game.

I release my first game i made with unity on It is in beta currently and i want to release it for mobile devices. What do you guys think I should do to improve my game?

In future I will add:



>>fix UI and HUD

>>Add different themes

>>Touch controls

I have never texted it on Firefox before but i will look into it.

nice game  i enjoyed it but I kept on getting caught by the guards. Maybe there should be less guards in the game.

Does the audio not work in any of the levels?

2 levels don’t have audio working but the rest should work.


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One of the best game not made by me in this jam so far I have seen.

I give extra points for that kitty you made.

Please tell me how did you make it?

This reminds me of my game but just the total opposite.

I also like the art used here.

Nice game 😉

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I changed the level name. that level had a bug which caused the circle to be invisible. I thought it was cool and added it as a level.

I added new end screens in the new update.

Thanks for the comment and feedback.

i am also going to post the source code soon.

The audio is having some problems from Dropbox which is causing a delay so the audio doesn't sync with the game.

I am also going to add a Level creator in a future update.

Thanks for the comment and feedback.

(i updated the game end screen)

does the game have to run on Windows or Linux? Can I make it support only one operating system?

Is it ok if the game doesn’t work on pc?

Thanks for the comment.

I added a timer to make things more challenging.

Soon I will add some more features to make it even more challenging.

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I made the game harder with a timer included. 

Thanks for your feedback.