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Vortex rider - v.065

A topic by FireCubeStudios created Nov 28, 2018 Views: 128
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Guys can you check out my first free unity game on and give feedback on what i should improve on. This game is made from a tutorial from catlike coding because i was new at using unity and didn't game create games before.

If you are wondering I am the only one who has worked on this project. I am the programmer, designer, audio person.

The game is in beta and i plan to release more features before i launch it to other stores.

V.065 includes:


>>Added a settings UI

>>Added promo images

>>Added the button to go back to the main menu  from the choose a level menu

>>Added a God mode quality option

>>Fixed a bug  when you click pause button and die at the same time then the game freezes

>>Fixed a bug that made the pause menu not appear during a second game

>>Fixed a bug where the game ran in the background  after you paused the game and went to the menu

>>Fixed a bug where HUD was visible in the settings menu

>>Fixed a bug where after you pause you get a score

>>Fixed a bug where you would randomly teleport

Known issues:

>>HUD is invisible

>>Particle effects occasionally don't work

Planned features/changes:

>>Add different settings in the settings UI

>>New rotating obstacle

>>To make the game slightly easier some areas won't have any obstacles

>>Theme selector

>>Finally fix the bug where HUD is small on certain displays

>>Fix the bug where HUD is invisible

>>Add animations (possibly)

>>Add audio (possibly)

>>Add a extreme  mode which is twice as fast as the zap mode (possibly)

>>Add a high score system

if you know any good free UI assets then please link it.

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