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Hey first of all as the game is now available on Oculus I've just added the link to the top of the page and removed the apk download. 
There's a mod button on the rigth in front of you in the space ship. Press the button to check out the examples, and then you can also upload your own as well. 

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Full game released on Quest! Get it here:  Quest

This game is also in Early Access on the Oculus Rift/S Store here: Rift

If you purchase the Quest version, you also get a key for the Rift version. And vice-versa!

Subscribe below and respond to my email with a purchase confirmation! :) The email I'll send to you will also contain a short intro, as well as all the links to stay in touch and follow progress. If you don't have Rift, you can gift the key to a lucky friend, or organise a give-away! :)


Happy training! :D


Train to become the greatest Kung Fu Master the world has ever seen. You will begin as a tourist to Martial Arts, with no experience and slow reflexes. You will progressively move onto harder tiers of training, faster and more complex, until you no longer need to think but simply react.

In Crazy Kung Fu you will fight against a wooden training dummy, using your hands as well as your body to punch, block and dodge the various spinning arms. Throughout your journey you will learn how to be a master at all of these, building muscle memory at first, to then rely on instinct and quick thinking.

All your moves are tracked, you will have statistics on speed, accuracy, strength, all of which will help you assess your progress, target your weaknesses and push towards becoming a Kung Fu Master.

Thanks, much appreciated! Will add to this game for sure. 

Ha! Dancing sounds great. I am also guilty of that whilst making this. But always ended in up making too much noise and waking up the other. XD

You should try dancing in the zero gravity mode. 

Amazing. Thanks so much. Had loads of fun on this.

Haha! Thanks for the compliments and trying ou my game. I also had way too much fun playing with the arm extensions. 

I had built a few different types of the arm extension modes, but this was the most finished one. 

One of the other modes was grabbing one hand with the other, and throwing it. As if you where fishing, then you wheel it back in if and when you grabbed something. Lol. 

Awesome! Thanks for trying it out. Did you get past the 3 levels and into the zero gravity modes? 😆😆

Glad you enjoyed it! I had loads of fun getting those stretchy arms right. With more time I would have spent it on the shaders though really happy with the current look. :D

Nice one! The links appear underneath any comment we make. But here's another link as well to get you there:

Contact host and see what they can sort out for you. 

The level design and graphics in this game are SPOT ON. Really amazing work on this in the short time frame. And of course there's so muych potential, I could play this for days on end, I love these kinds of VR games. Will you make more of it? 

Check out my submission as well when you can and let me know what you think :D

This game is super fun! There are afew bugs but we all have bugs. It's a Jam! So really nicely done game in the time frame. Are you looking to expand on this in the future as well? I can see lots of extra stuff that can be added when you expand the game design! :D

Check out my submission too when you can :).

Love the style of the game, combined with great solid mecanics. You did a really good job on this one! Well done.  Are you going to develop new levels later as well? Want to see more!

Check out my game too :D

Look forward to what you do next on it then! Will keep an eye on it :).

Check out my submission as well and let me know what you think :D

Slight issues with performance, though I can see the idea and it looks super cool. Great style and feel. Do you have more plans for this? Of course so much potential here!

Check out my game too when you have time.

I love the look of this game, darka and mysterious. And that you can so much freedom in how and when you execute the souynds. Really satifying mecanics! Well done on this, you plan on adding more to this after the Jam?

Check out my submission as well :)

This looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Well done. And the gameplay mecanics are well polished too. Hope you can expland more puzzles after the Jam. I love these kinds of puzzle games.

Check out my submission as well when you can :)

Very impressive, I wouldnt know where to start to make a mecanic like that. Thanks for the explanation in the comments below. You've done an amazing job on this in such a short amount of time. 

Check out my game below as well :D

Binary particles! Looks really neat, and the game is super interesting. Well done on the work on this one. 

Check out mine too when you can :)

Definitely felt like a badass in this game, spear, shield, gun? Hell YEAH. Really well designed and executed gmae overall. Hope you expand on the idea afte the Jam!

Check out my game too when you can! :D

So much potential here! I can see so many new kinds of gameplay that can be added to take this to the next level. Hope you add more to it after the Jam :D

Check out my submission as well :)

Oh I love te style and gameplay. Really nicely done for such a simple concept. Well done dude!

Check out  mine when you can as well :)

Also to clarify you can only start grabbing objects once your have selected one of the levels from the suitcase.

Awesome glad you liked it! I have noticed that if you are grabbing something when the game returns to the menu, it will break the hand grab for some reason. You know, the usual bugs that VR gives us :D 

Hope you still got to play enough, maybe made it past the 3 levels and into the Zero Gravity mode? Not sure anyone made it there yet. Lol. 

Hey thanks for trying! I downloaded the file from here and tested on my CV1 to check and I can grab with no issues. Did you try redownloading and trying again? Hope it works for you!

Cool game and puzzles well done! I love puzzles so it's an easy 5 star for me.

I also played your previous game you published a few months ago on Itchio, seems like you added the multitool  concept into that game for this Jam. Which explains why the game is so polished for 7 days! Anyway still great game, I was just wondering how to make such a great game in such a short amount of time. :D

Hope to see more of this after the Jam, with more puzzles.  Keep it up!

For such  a simple concept it's great fun to see it in action. Can just inate for days! Hope you had fun making this, and maybe design more complex puzzles after the Jam? Sure the community of Sidequest will love something like this.

Check out my game below as well :)

Hey this is neat! And spooky. In fact I think it's almost the only spooky game I've tried and seen in the submissions? Love it! Well done for sure.. Are you gonna add more to it after the Jam?

Check out mine too below when you get a chance :D

Haha! This is super fun to play and weird. I like it! And the graphics are neat. Well done on this, hope you add more! :)

Check out my submission when you can as well below :)

Peformance not great on quest, but still can see what the gameplay is about. It's fun but could be more fun is wasa running better! Will try PC version when I can.

Check out my submission  below as well when you can :)

What an interesting game! But super fast. Hopefully you can flesh it out a bit after the Jam? I really liked the feel of it so would love to see more. Well done on this submission!

Check out mine below when you can too :)

Nice graphics! I love this kind of style. And the gameplay is fun  :D

Check out my submission below when you can as well !