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the art is so good


so cute 

Hello, the game looks interesting but it does not run on my Mac. Does anyone experience the same issue?



i like the writing

"you watch some boys play soccer, captivated by the way they move."
“you want to be like them - strong ,capable, assured.”
“you're always withdrawn never opening up like them”
“you wish you could connect to someone like they do.”

the song starts and stops abruptly when it's played in the browser (Chrome).

the song is good

so the game has only one page right

love it

so pretty ^^

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It's a very supportive environment in there! And the navigation is very smooth!

It has a special feeling when it's in the game. It's like being in a dream.

The art is beautiful. And the story is beautiful too. And the arrangements are delightful!

thank you for playing!

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I liked your second paragraph. It's interesting.

And I like knowing that those are called "array of sliders description of gender expression and identity".

I agree that I need to make important texts prominent.

I like what you wrote.

I like your inputs on the subject matter.

As for the undivided attention that will make controlling the "snake/long cat" easier, I would like to jokingly argue that I like to keep players busy ;) but yeah, there must be a better design.

As for running into unwanted blocks, there is a secret way to play that can make it less likely to happen. You can eat one block at a time; in other words, you should avoid eating a sequence of blocks, so only one block will regenerate on the board, and you go on to eat that regenerated block; by doing this, you avoid too many blocks scattered everywhere on the board, so running into unwanted blocks will less likely to happen; however, it will be less efficient, because you will need to travel more to accumulate required blocks one by one.

And finally, thank you for playing and thinking carefully!