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A jam entry

and i turn, turn, turnView game page »

a game for Rainbow Jam
Submitted by OffworldHometown with 13 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline

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Visit and i turn, turn, turn's game page

Would you like to receive feedback on your entry?
yes please!

How would you prefer the feedback be presented?
no specific format however I would like to hear both the strengths and weaknesses of my game so I can grow! Thank you for doing feedback!

Who was on your game dev team?
My brother wrote the music, and I designed the game around it. It uses a modified version of the Bitsy engine by Adam Le Doux, all other work is mine.

What was your inspiration for this game?
My inspiration is from my brother's song- the version in the game is instrumental, but the original version has lyrics, and the title of the game is taken from those lyrics. The song is about feeling distant and isolated amidst change, and I took that idea and put a queer twist on it for the game.
Please let me know if you would like to hear the original version of the song and I will check with my brother to see if I can post it!

What would you like to see in the next Rainbow Jam?
I hope more people will participate, and I personally will try to participate more in the community going forward!

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i like the writing

"you watch some boys play soccer, captivated by the way they move."
“you want to be like them - strong ,capable, assured.”
“you're always withdrawn never opening up like them”
“you wish you could connect to someone like they do.”

the song starts and stops abruptly when it's played in the browser (Chrome).

the song is good

so the game has only one page right


yeah it's just that one page. Glad you liked it!