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does this mean that playbooks for existing games would be ok?

the title says it all- I was just wondering if 500 words meant exactly 500, or 500 or less, or something else?

I love this! Would it be possible to get a black-and-white foldup version so it's easier to read when I print it?

How many players is this for?


yeah it's just that one page. Glad you liked it!

Title says it all... is there going to be a discord server?

In my game, I have some tiles set to wall that the player can walk right over in some cases. You can't walk into them using the arrow keys, but if a wall tile is between you and a square you click on, your avatar just passes over. I tried with the default game and it does this in there too.

I've been using the version of Bitsy on your site, not on itch, I don't know if that would make any difference. Thanks for looking at it!

It should be playable in browser. The graphics are simple,  it's just 3 colored boxes and an image which drags from box to box.. if that's not what you're seeing, please tell me what you are seeing and I can try to troubleshoot.

aww thx!

Looks awesome! Are there plans to release it for Mac?

This was simple (well of course, it was an hour game) but it was fun!

Uploading the .gslides into Google Drive might work, but I'll fix the link- thanks for letting me know!

thanks! Here's hoping it turns out

so what are people planning on doing? I'm think I'm going to compare Twine and Texture, which is an idea I've had for a while; yes, it is slightly weird to do a visual essay about a textual medium, but what I want to talk about is the mediums themselves and what it's like interacting with them, so I think it'll work.

Also, if anyone wants me to look over their essay and give feedback, I'd be happy to.

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could be, I'll check. I'm also using chrome so I'll try a different browser too.

Thank you!

Worldsmith community · Created a new topic How to save?

So I'm on Mac, playing in a browser window. I saved my game and closed out the window, thinking it would stay, but when I came back it said I had no save files. How can I make it so my saves are permanent?

Are you trying to edit online? Because they updated Twine recently, but the online editor isn't caught up to the new version (or wasn't, last time I checked.) When I tried to run files I've edited with the new version in the online editor, I remember it giving me the same error message. What's been working for me is downloading the Twine editor to my computer and editing the files there.

Your problem might be different though, if you could tell me more I could have a look.

And I might make a Twine game for this, we'll see. :)

I like your goals-to-avoid, I'm going to keep those in mind!

As the title asks, is fanwork OK? I've got an idea that I'd like to use some Marvel characters for, but if not, I'll just do a similar story with original characters.

I'm interpreting horny as "totally in the mood for sex", but it does say that you can interpret it however you like. So if you want to write about antlers, or the horn section of an orchestra, then go for it probably?

As for ideas... I'll get back to you..

So after an hour, I have a partially-completed game: the first part is playable but it doesn't have an end. I am planning to finish it, but should I post the completed game, the version I had done after one hour, or both?