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This is so great! It's literally about being imaginary and one of the lists is focused on what that means in your case, but a couple of other lists also tie into "what you let others see and what you keep to yourself" in subtler, more grounded ways. My other favorite part is the things on the item list, which made the items seem so real and interesting to me with just little word and description choices. I haven't had a chance to play with this playbook but it seems like it would be really cool to!


It also makes a good "small and forgotten god" playbook.


ooh yeah! The small and forgotten gods I feel like are treated as “friendly but a little mysterious” in Wanderhome itself so that could be really fun to flip the perspective. I wonder if the gods would also find the animal-folk characters to be friendly and kind but not quite understandable?

I wish I had thought of this idea!!

You did!  You just may not have realized at the time that you did. 

I'm so glad you like it!!