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Thanks for the update, and cheers for the work :)

Curious if the next update will have fixes for the updated audio_ functions? (ex: audio_play_sound can take more variables, as well as all the new functions and such relating to audio effects: "audio_bus_main" "audio_effect_create" "AudioEffectType" and so on.)

Any timeline on these updates?

so dang good

Updated :) how that feel now?

Great feedback Matt! Thanks a ton for playing, glad you're enjoying :)

Suggestions noted. I really like that idea of showing the target slider locations.

howdy! Thanks for the kind words and the feedback, I really appreciate it. I agree, 3 sliders is a bit much! Im thinking something like this on the left will feel better. I’ll get this going in the next update :)

Thank you for making this. I hear you.




i love thiiiis! :)

Hey, this was cool! Really neat puzzles, but frustrating platforming issues made them a little tougher than they should've been. Great work anyway! Would love to see more + refined platforming. :)

Hiya, I'm wondering if there are any other vignette style games made for this jam! If your game is more of an experience than a traditional game, then share here :) 

We made a game where you share an ice cream cone with a friend - here's a link if you wanna play!

I'm impressed you were able to come up with some pretty tricky level designs in such a short timeline! Cool puzzle game.

Fun puzzle game! I actually yelped out loud when the guard got me because I got too cocky. Excited for you to keep building this one out.

Confused on why I had to hold down the mouse button. Cool art and music though!

Haha! too cute... thanks for sharing!

I think our two ice creamers are pretty cute! <3

could afford only one ice cream cone; gotta share! :)

Really enjoyed this! Thanks. :)

We did it, our GMTK Jam 2019 game is submitted and ready to play! Me and @suburbdreamgrl are proud to present... 

We Scream. It’s a game about sharing an ice cream cone with a friend. Click the link above to play in your browser (even on your phone!), or download for Windows. Let us know what you think!

Be sure to leave a rating!

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SO good. Love the juice, love the concept, love it all.

Me. Too. :)

Ah wow, thanks so much leafo, you rock! Cheers.

Fermenter Games is excited to present Hab-ATTACK, an adorable dash-don’t-die platformer.

You play as a LEAF GRL working to rid her world of pollutant monsters, yick! Protect your world alone or with a friend! Pick up sunlight orbs and dash into enemies before you run out of power! Can you survive the onslaught of baddies? SAVE THE PLANET and KICK SOME POLLUTANT BUTT!

ALSO, you can choose to play against a friend in a head-to-head fight to the death! Who will be the best leaf on the block?

This is the first game collaboration between myself and Meg Armstrong, my wife (and best friend AAAWWWW). I’m super proud of both of us, and it’s been really rad seeing Meg’s art come to life in this game.

Hab-ATTACK is out now on Windows and Mac for FREE on Save the planet and kick some pollutant butt! Play Solo, Co-op, or Versus game modes for up to 2 players on gamepads and/or keyboard.