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Thank you very much! That explains everything why some things works fine and some are not! Now, I have updated the game to work with higher monitor frame rates now. I will now try be more careful with my code next time.

Thank you very much! Happy to see that you love the game! ^^

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. We got some reports from some users having similar issues as yours, and we are not really sure why the input not working correctly in some devices. We have made a new patch to the game which hopefully fixes the issue.

I love rhythm games. and this is phenomenal! The music is also amazing!

I had a lot of playing this! The controls are really nice, and the visualization and effects are great! I also love making Alice clap to the music because it was so nice, and for the boss fight, I had a lot of fun sniping the boss from on top of a tree.

This super amazingly adorable! This is now my new favourite game!

Thank you! Here's the OST link :
Also, Thank you for playing the Cirno patting game!

I love the soundtrack mix of the game. It has good potential, needs more feedback and sound effects.

I wasn't sure if I should use 1-2-3-4 or 1-2 because 1-2 feels to sudden. But you have a very good point. Thank you for you feedback! I'll remember that for the future

It took me a while to figure out what the puzzle is about. I thought it was minesweeper at first. Interesting concept for a puzzle game. Sometimes I confuse the empty space with the wall.

Took me a while to beat. Very nice story, I love the visuals! Also, nice moon effect at the end there! The combo system needs more effect.

Very cute story! I love it!

The only problem I have that I keep accidently skipping the boss cutscene because I was mashing the attack button.

So many Asprey references! I love it!

Oh yeah! I forgot to take account the amount of time that has passed each frame for the pudding script!

I implemented it on the player, but forgot to for everything else! Thank you for providing the solution as well, it helped a lot!

The way how level 3 works is: When you open or close doors, the smell of the pudding will start to slowly "linger into" the room, or slowly "linger out" of the room. To solve the puzzle, you need to take advantage of how slow it is for the smell to catch up to you.

Basically, you need to flip the gray switch, then the blue switch, after that hit the gray switch again and immediately run to the left and fall down.

Very neat art! It's also kinda fun too! Great work!

Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! ^^

I didn't add the "R" button to reset because you won't be able to see what happens when you touch the spikes. I guess that decision was a bad idea. I'll try to remember to add a reset button next time tho.

Thanks for playing my game! I'm glad you had fun with it! :)

They look pretty neat!

It's still a bit rough, but It plays quite ok. Neat concept too.

I love the mario paper art feel. The animation are also quite great too! Great work!

Very brilliant! I love it! The puzzles are very well thought out too!

A very simple mechanic, but has a lot of potential!

I placed down the spikes as a way to reset the level. I guess there are some areas I missed to put at.

Thank you for playing my game! I'm glad you liked it! ^^